Stay with me.
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Stay with me.

Stay with me,

I don't want to go back alone,

home, go to not cried I

Stay with me,

I want you to stay,

To embrace the warmth between us,

Stay with me,

I stay awake past midnight waiting for you to knock on the door,

Hoping you'll come back,

Stay with me,

I'm sorry it didn't work out,

I tried my best to fix it,

But clearly it wasn't enough,

Stay with me,

I look back tears flowing,

Waiting to see if you'll turn back,

But you didn't,

Stay with me,

I still remember the warmth between us,

As we cuddled in a blanket,

Just cherishing the moment,

Stay with me,

I never wanted to leave you,

I want to be by your side,

Please come back,

Stay with me.

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