Perfect one for me.
Perfect one for me. stories

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Perfect one for me.

I gazed deep into her eyes,

Hazel eyes that look like honey,

I stared into her wine-red lips,

And her rosy pink cheeks.

Other people might not think she's perfect,

But she was perfect for me,

I knew from the first sight,

As if for a long time,

That your perfect.

And I said this promise:

"Stay here with me,

I'll be there for you,

We'll grow old together,

But feel like we're still young,

I'll never leave you,

You'll be by my side,

And even if we fight,

I'll never stop loving you,

I can never stop loving you,

Because we're meant to be,

You could say we're soulmates,

Or a match made in heaven,

It doesn't matter,

Because I'll always love you."

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