Crocodile tears.
Crocodile tears. stories

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Crocodile tears.

You can cry all you want ,

Those crocodile tears won't make me pity you,

I told you to stop running back to me,

'Come back' you say,

But weren't you the one who broke my heart first?

Cry, cry, cry,

Cry those crocodile tears,

I'll never turn back,

I'll never pity you,

You call me again and again,

But I told you again and again,

I'm not coming back,

You were the one who left first,

And while I wept real tears,

You told me to move on,

And I have,

Now it seems,

That you're running back to me,

'Move on' I say,

Just like I have,

Can't you see,

Were clearly not meant to be,

So you can cry all you want,

Those crocodile tears won't make me pity you,

'Move on' I say,

Just... move on.

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