//the truth about love\\
//the truth about love\\ love stories

nostalgia1 being ok is a myth
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Some people will search for love their entire life to not even get a glimpse of it up close.

//the truth about love\\

Love isn’t just chocolates and flowers Nor is it about climbing the highest tower Love isn’t about control and power Love doesn’t just deflower and then leave at any hour.

Love isn’t just late night talks or heartfelt walks Love isn’t just butterflies in your stomach or racing heart beats Love doesn’t just sweep you off your feet

Sometimes love can do more harm than good. When your young, feelings can be commonly misunderstood. Sometimes the one you were looking for lived in your own neighborhood all along

Sometimes love isn’t very pretty. Some people will say its wrong. They may be right But some people have also only seen love through a screen and so there caught up in this daydream in which they think love is supposed to be like

But love knows no gender Nor color Nor species but neither does pain And love and pain kind of go hand and hand in the game we call relationships there’s only a few of us who don’t sink

Love can be confused with its companion lust Love can be easily broken from a lack of trust Love can be so strong that the both of you combust Love can be hard to dust off if not given the right cloth

There will be situations and people who will dare to drift you two apart And There is no real substitute for a true broken heart You may learn pain makes great art. You may think love will never give you another start.

But somewhere between this all...... Love is the cure that only the purest hearts get to fully endure The truth is if it’s real it won’t be easy it will be the hardest test you’ve ever had to take

But I think love is the only thing that’s stopped the world from breaking. Let’s stop faking and taking love as a joke. Because Love is just a word. But How u define that word however can be everything

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