Addicted to love
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nostalgia1 being ok is a myth
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No drug with fück u up like love will because thought it’s the hardest drug to find once u have it it never ends it just gets fades

Addicted to love

Your touch made me feel distant, You had trouble written all over you in black ink on your tan skin, I thought against it, But I should have known from a instance That your love for me would never be coexistent as mine for u.

I told you how I was new to this love thing But you only saw me as your new plaything my heart still freezes when my phone rings and then unfreezes and breaks when I realize it isn’t from you.

You stole my first kiss out of a state of unauthorized power and one sided bliss I held my hand in a fist silently counting down the time in which I would care about myself enough to tell u to stop, my heart dropped as the time never came.

Shame. Its lived in my home for so long it’s picture is framed on my wall reminding me, that memories don’t die. Until I do

He was uninterested and older but I was sad and needed a shoulder to not just cry on but lie on. My body feels empty for i let you invade it without you even ringing to doorbell I fell for you and you let me knowing you’d never catch me r at least try to stop me.

They told me love came with a price, I didn’t realize in order to pay it I would have to slice my heart in half not knowing if I’d ever get it back. You don’t. Not ever. Because the truth is with loss it never gets better you just learn to live with it.

I was addicted to the feeling being with him gave me. I don’t think I ever loved any of the boys i was with, never a spark that ended in a real broken heart just another boy gone to add to the list on my chart. I love love. I guess love just doesn’t feel the same I guess I only have myself to blame.

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