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nostalgia1 being ok is a myth
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Love isn’t supposed to hurt yet often it’s the only thing must feel.

// m y b o y//

my boy has belonged to many, though he assures me my love is plenty for some reason his worlds seemed worth less value than pennies

My boy is almost in his twenties, so to him I’m kind of like a mentee I think he likes that I’m so young, he knows I’m easily sprung.

I flung myself into his world not knowing who he was but knowing what he could be You see, my boy is a pretty liar so I didn’t see when I got tangled up into his wire Never thought I’d become such a crier.....never thought at all.

He wasn’t very tall but he always managed to make me feel small. The dark tattooed ink that painted his skin was nothing compared to the darkness he hid within I got so good at playing pretend that I began to defend his actions

My boy is sad. A year or so ago I would have been glad to play the roll of both his mom and dad I mean I kind of had to our entire time we were together. But My boy is also like the weather one mentioned he’ll have you floating like a feather the next he can make the air feel as thick as leather

My boy tells me I better stay away from him. He knows he’ll hurt me My boy isn’t really mine the only thing thats kept us bind is time and I’m afraid that has all ran out.

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