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norisk Just trying.
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My lovely bow and arrow.

Pending Encounter

I thought I had been over it.

That she was no more than a memory,

that our lives were simply... meant to be one last lesson.

We had fallen hard and fast,

I didn't think we'd make it, yet we did... without each other.

I remember thinking it was all over.

I remember begging for it to stop,

but there she was that night,

a walking piece of art... that lovely Sagittarius.

And I was oh so terrified to feel,

I was so terrified to let her near.

But in an instant, without an effort, my walls were all gone...

She is far beautiful than I remember,

Sparkles brighter than our last song.

She found her way back to me,

And I, apparently, without knowing,

Had been waiting all this time for her.

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