Green (The Connected Fives)
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4th part of the series.

Green (The Connected Fives)

A tree lets loose on one of its leaves and it glides down spiraling onto the wet ground. Amidst the lifeless leaves. The vibrant little green leaf gets a glimpse of the sky above.

A sky with a tinge of white seems to stay perfectly still. Around the tree lies messy traces of the gentle breeze blowing by which hums melancholically.

The gentle breeze carries the leaf to a pond nearby.

This stagnant pond surrounded by white pillars has a strange green glow to it. This little leaf finds it extremely peculiar as to why it has been brought here.

The leaf now tenderly placed on the lifeless pond pulses. The green glow gets stronger under it turns into a green-ray with a strip of gold into it.

The leaf is immediately attracted to it and floats towards it. The leaf's memory of its home dissipates into nothingness.

It absorbs the green-ray to itself and gets a taste of it. It wants more and more, Forgetting itself during the process and seeks for more.

It goes closer to the origin of the green-ray hoping to find all of it at once but then the body starts to dissolves into a green liquid and entangles itself with the depths of the pond.

It has a moment of realization as it regrets going after a meaningless goal and letting it consume itself. The tiny leaf closes it's eyes one last time and is consumed by the green glow.

[REDACTED]: You're pitiful, aren't you.



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