Death Borne (The Connected Fives)
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Last story of the series.

Death Borne (The Connected Fives)

A dark room away from the bleak reality. The static of the old fashioned television echoes from corner to corner. I dragged a blurry image of myself along the floor. Crumbling away as I drag it.

My image and I were chained together through a golden string going through our chests. My image grabbed my hands and in a wasted attempt cried. "Why...

Why does it always have to be this way? Why do we keep striving for something we can't conquer." Tears streamed down my face and I looked into its static-laden eyes. "This isn't our fault.

Our existence being born from hopelessness and hopefulness of our ever-disintegrating society always makes us have goals that can never be true.

" "No more Famine, No more warfare, No more Diseases." A single string of prayer from thousands of ever crying souls wanes our existence. Once our existence is fulfilled.

These problems seem to go away temporarily. We as feelings cover people's eyes. Giving them a sense of relief in ignorance. This gives them a temporary feeling of happiness.

And once we have fulfilled these lies. We dissipate. We disintegrate into a blur. I drag along what is left of my image and I cast it away into nothingness. I go back to my chair.

Covered by the dust of my past images as I sit down. Stare at the static image. I hear cries from suffering children. My sense of self dissipates into two individuals.

One with white cloth-covered being with hollow holes in its hands giving out an aura of peace and one with a golden-colored cloth with an ever sense of nirvana.

Walks towards the drunken clouds of the Earth with open arms. They disappear and I sigh as I sit down cowering and in fear of what I had created.

I close my eyes and fall into an everlasting slumber.

Death Borne


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