The Unlisted (Prologue)

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Have you ever wondered what happens deep inside the Earth?

The Unlisted (Prologue)

Stone breathed in the mist that was swirling around him. "How lucky I am!" He thought gleefully. Cinder rarely gave a prophecy, and when she did, it was once in ten lifetimes.

Only dragons were allowed in, and Stone was honored that he was chosen to come, and by Cinder herself no less! Perhaps now is a good time to explain what was happening. You see, this was Earth.

Strange, maybe? There aren't any dragons on Earth. . . are there? Well, you see, folks, this was Earth, in the Outer Core. However, Stone was in the Inner Core.

We'll talk about that later, but now let me tell you. The dragons of this place kept it safe, protected, and unknown with their abilities.

The community had dragons, mermaids, ghosts, fairies, mages, wizards, any mythical creature you could think of. Dragons were the head of the community, the leaders, and they were rare.

All these creatures could live for one hundred to one thousand years. Cinder was a prophetess; they foretold the future and gave prophecies rarely.

She was the only one left of her kind, werewolves had liked their flesh too much to spare them all.

Cinder was wise and would live forever unless someone killed her, and the only way to kill her was if she had children-- which she didn't of course. Basically, Cinder was immortal.

Stone's mother was part of the Council that ruled the whole Outer Core. Cinder's cave and home was the whole Inner Core.

It was smaller than the humans thought, but they weren't very smart anyway.

Stone's father was an inventor, the head one, in fact! Stone was incredibly proud of his dad because he wasn't born in the city.

Hawk, Stone's father, was born in the poorest of the villages, with barely anything to eat, and could barely even transform into a dragon.

But he worked his way out, and became famous, fell in love, and had Stone!

You see, these people, on the outside, they were born looking like humans. You had your fighting form and your neutral form.

Dragons had many abilities, and Stone's was that he was able to rewind time, but only for a few seconds each time, and he got really tired afterward.

A nudge from Natalidae, Stone's mother, brings us back to the present.

"With light comes darkness, with life comes death, with fire comes water. She will be calm as water, but burn with the ferocity of fire.

Like grass she will grow, to discover her fate, sailing smooth as the wind, she will glide into this world. Water, fire, nature, and wind. . . she is coming to save us all."

Cinder put down her hands and the mist swirled away. Once again, there was calmness. Stone breathed in the last of the mist and closed his eyes.

"All right, now, SHOO! SHOO!" Cinder nudged everyone back out to the Outer Core. "Scram!" Stone chuckled as he went off. Natalidae flew off back to the house to get some rest.

Hawk hurried back to his inventions. And Stone. . . Stone wanted to fight again. It was his favorite thing in the world. Hurrying towards the Arena, Stone found his trainer, Emerald.

Emerald was able to imitate any power, so she was the best dragon that could help Stone. As they arrived at the Arena, Emerald shifted into her fight form.

Black horns spiked out of her curly hair, claws came out of her hands, out of her back sprouted enormous black wings.

She roared, and as gray scales began to creep up her skin, fire sprouted out of her wings and horns.

Stone's transformation was about the same, except he had white horns, tiny white wings, and no claws at all. Of course, this didn't mean that Stone was weak.

"Let's begin." Emerald said. Stone reared up and flapped his wings. The wind billowed towards Emerald, and she was knocked backwards.

She turned toward him and imitated his attack, with greater power. Stone dodged, but the wind followed him like a shadow. He rammed into Emerald, and the wind hit them both with great force.

Stone picked him self up, and his horns began to glow purple. Suddenly, the wind was chasing Stone again, and Emerald was back on her feet.

This time, Stone pushed Emerald in front of him, and the wind hit her.

Emerald tumbled into the walls with such a big force that they began to crack. "STONE!" She shrieked, "RUN!" The walls of the Arena crashed around Stone, but all he could do was watch.

"STONE!" Natalidae appeared next to him in a flash. "She said to run!". Natalidae streaked passed him and helped Emerald to her feet. The walls crashed around them.

A small black rock tumbled into the Arena and blew up; Stone was forcefully smashed through the crumbling walls, Natalidae and Emerald crashed the other way.

Stone picked himself up and stared at the Arena; now just a pile of ashes.

"Stone. . ." whispered a voice, "What have you done?"

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