ReWritten History (a serious tale of events) CHAPTER 3 Severing Ties Part 2
ReWritten History (a serious tale of events)

Severing Ties 
Part 2 drarry stories

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Draco woke up in 1991, before his first year at Hogwarts. He was given the chance to live again, and this time, he was going to do it right. That somehow included being the crush of Harry Potter. (This is a serious series, which means I’ll probably update once or twice a week (mainly if the chapters are short).

Inspired off of author of History Repeats Itself on ao3


ReWritten History (a serious tale of events) CHAPTER 3 Severing Ties Part 2

Remember everything he had said about the boys? Draco took it all back. Maybe if he didn’t accept the offer of friendship, he would be able to focus. Terry and Micheal were bickering over something stupid again, and Draco was close to losing it. “GRAH! STOP IT! MY EARS ARE FALLING OFF!” Draco screamed. Terry made a grave mistake.

“Oh? Where’d they go?” If looks could kill, Terry would be six feet underground. Bags embraced Draco’s dull grey eyes, and his lips were forced into a painfully crooked smile. “TeRrY boOt. SpeAk OnE More TimE aNd I’ll RiP ofF yOuR MouTh AnD ShOve It Up yOuR XXX so your XXXX can XXXX youRsElf. Do you XXXXX undeRStAnD?”

Terry could only nod quickly before silently making symbols towards Micheal with his hands. “What was that!?” Whispered Micheal. “Sign language, dumb@ss.” He whispered back. They would’ve continued signing each other off if they didn’t hear an ominous creak behind them.

Hands grabbed their collars before tossing them out of the room. “Geez, Draco is really having a hard time, huh?” Asked Micheal. They heard footsteps as Draco approached them. “It’s your fault. I think I’m balding because of you two.” Groaned Draco.

“But the room was so cool, it was hard to shut up about it!” Whined Terry. Right. He brought them to the Room of Requirements in the first place. Why did he do that? Draco admits it, it was a dumb decision. So why? Draco sighed, as he pinched his nose bridge. “Guys, I just- need some time to myself right now, okay? I’m sorry.”

“Woah. That’s so out of character, Draco.” Said Terry. “XXXX YOU! I’M NEVER APOLOGIZING AGAIN, YOU IDIOTS!” Draco fumed as he stormed back in. “Looks like the old man kicked us out, let’s find a different place while he sulks.” Micheal sighed.

“But Draco’s just so emotional, it’s kind of entertaining. I guess it’s part of his charm.” Replied Terry as they walked down the hall together. “Who knew he was a softie? Remember how he treated us earlier?” “Yeah, that was kinda hilarious.” They giggled at the memory before someone turned them around.

“What was that?” “What was what?” “What did you just say about Draco just now? Being emotional?” The intimidating male asked. “Oh, yeah! Draco’s a total softie!” Micheal grinned at the words. Then, his smile dropped.

“Please don’t tell him I said that. He’ll kill me!” Moped Micheal in despair. Terry comforted him but paused momentarily. “But why do you want to know?” Terry questioned. “Just cause you look like you have the authority doesn’t mean you can prod around with other people’s lives!”

“It was nothing. Never mind.” Said the male before turning away before they could get a glimpse of him. “Creep.” Muttered Micheal. “But it was really funny when Draco acted like that.” TO BE CONTINUED...

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