TheNew Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 10-
TheNew Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 10- starwars stories

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The adventures of the Jedi and X-wing pilot Nomi Darklighter during the events of the Sequel Trilogy.

Star Wars & Characters ©Lucasfilm/Disney
except Nomi Darklighter, Dash Rendar jr., Biggs Rendar, Corran Rendar, Tasherit Rendar, Tarik, Major Starr & R2 unit Fuzzy ©NomiDarklighter

TheNew Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 10-

Hosnian Prime

After Tarik had left them, Nomi and Dash sat again at the Dejarik table.

The Jedi sipped from the Jet sprit and looked over the rim of the glass smiling at her husband, who had furrowed his brow.

"What are you thinking about, Darling?" Instead of an answer he poured another drink in and downed it with one gulp. He had a higher tolerance to this stuff than her.

He remembered very well how sick she was when she drank too much during a Rogue Squadron festivity.

"Probably I'm ponder about the same like you, when we've spoken with Tarik. If we should join the Resistance."

Nomi nodded her head. "I think they are in need of seasoned pilots, Dash. Or do you think that we're growing too old for such stuff?"

The former mercenary laughed. "We don't have to fly in combat, but we could be instructors."

Nomi cut in: "You can't be serious! I can't imagine you in the Resistance headquarters observing simulator training, when others are risking their lives in combat."

Dash grinned broadly. "You know me very well or have your Jedi skills told you this?"

Nomi wagged her head. "This has nothing to do with my Jedi skills. But something tells me that we'll find Corran and Biggs with the Resistance too. Let's meet Tarik tomorrow."

In the morning they set off to the embassy. The security droid at the entrance approached them. "Good morning, Commander Darklighter, Major Rendar. Please set your weapons aside.

" He pointed at Nomi's lightsaber. "This weapon as well, Commander Darklighter."

Her old friend had the droid indeed reprogrammed. The Jedi loosened the lightsaber from her belt and put it to Dash's blaster in the box.

"I'll announce you to the ambassador."

"This isn't necessary," said Tarik, who came in this moment with a bag in his hand out of the door. He put the bag down in order to hug his friends. Thereby he was all smiles.

"Never thought I see you again this fast. Are you here because of what we talked about yesterday?" Dash nodded. "It is convenient," responded Tarik. "I'm on my way to Corellia to meet someone.

He can bring you where you're needed. I would suggest we meet in Coronet City. Do you know the Horn's Inn? It belongs to Corran Horn's son."

Dash winced. Of all things his home planet Corellia. Until now there was always trouble when Dash was there. It seemed his home planet doesn't like him. He shook his head.

"Horn's Inn? Never heard of. Corran Horn's son? I thought the whole Horn family is with CorSec. Doesn't matter we'll find it."

Dash Rendar grabbed his blaster and holstered it. Then he handed his wife the lightsaber.

"All right, Tarik we meet on Corellia. But beforehand we must bring the Aquarius back to Dagobah."

The ambassador wrinkled his forehead. "It would take too long. It's dangerous for my contact to stay for a long time at one place. First Order spies are everywhere.

I let someone take the Aquarius to the embassy."

Nomi nodded, even though she doesn't liked to be parted from her beloved ship again.

Tarik resumed his bag and turned to the small door leading to the embassy's landing platform. Before he stepped outside he looked back. "May the Force be with you."

Nomi responded: "With you too, Tarik and fly careful."

Tarik laughed his chirping laugh. "You know me."

Nomi laughed too. "Therefore I'm telling you this."

Then the door closed behind Tarik and his friends left the embassy heading to the Outrider's docking bay.

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