The New Adventures of Nomi Darlighter -Chapter 35-
The New Adventures of Nomi Darlighter -Chapter 35- starwars stories

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The adventures of the Jedi and X-wing pilot Nomi Darklighter during the events of the Sequel Trilogy.

Star Wars & Characters ©Lucasfilm/Disney
except Nomi Darklighter, Dash Rendar jr., Biggs Rendar, Corran Rendar, Tasherit Rendar, Tarik, Major Starr & R2 unit Fuzzy ©NomiDarklighter
Jaden Katarn ©TasheritRendar

The New Adventures of Nomi Darlighter -Chapter 35-


Two standard months later, Tasherit Rendar hasn't returned to the Resistance base. Nomi and Dash began to worry.

They knew that some missions could take longer, but the Jedi was sure that something had gone wrong.

Troubled, she went to Admiral Ackbar. The old Mon Calamari warrior looked at her kindly when she stood before him in his quarters.

"Commander Darklighter what an unexpected pleasure. Please the take a seat."

The Jedi sat down in a chair in front of his desk.

"What can I do for you, Commander?

Nomi knew that she hasn't to be afraid of the admiral, so she made her request without hesitation. "Did you hear anything of my daughter, General?"

Ackbar shook his head. "I'm afraid not. Your daughter should be back on the base before a standard month."

"And why were we not informed, Admiral?"

Ackbar leaned back in his chair and looked the Jedi straight in the eyes. "Commander Darklighter, your daughter is an adult woman and when I remember right a Jedi, like you and your sons.

Even if you try to hide it here at the Resistance. Yes, I remember that you're a Jedi. My species has an excellent memory, Commander." The admiral leaned slightly forward and lowered his voice.

"You know that the First Order, just like the Empire, hunts the Jedi in order to destroy them?"

Nomi nodded.

"Be careful, Commander. And to calm you a little, we are already looking for your daughter.

We can spare only a few people, but I have sent Lieutenant Katarn on the search." He winked at the Jedi. "The young man has volunteered. It seems he's very interested in your daughter."

Nomi shook her head. "You must be wrong, Admiral. Tasherit and the young man are only good friends and comrades."

Ackbar laughed quietly. "It seems to me that even for a Jedi some things remain hidden." Then he became serious again.

"I will inform you when we know something about the whereabouts of Lieutenant Rendar."

Nomi stood up and took her leave from Admiral Ackbar.

When she returned to her barrack her husband was waiting for her. "And what did Ackbar say?" The Jedi sat down at the table where her husband already was seated, before she answered.

"Tasherit has been overdue for a standard month, Dash."

Her husband jumped up. "And that you say so calmly?"

His wife smiled. "Ackbar has assured me that they're already searching for her. Lieutenant Katarn has volunteered. The admiral said that the young man would be interested in our daughter."

Dash sat down again. "I was right. When even Ackbar has noticed... As if! Only friends and comrades."

Nomi brushed her husband's remark aside. "I am convinced that Katarn will find our daughter sooner or later. No matter where Tasherit is, she is a Jedi and be able to fend for herself, Dash."

Her husband sighed. "I just hope that she has not fallen into the hands of the First Order."

He stood up and went to the locker to take his pilot gear.

"Poe is waiting for me at the landing pad. I have promised to show him a few tricks on how to outmaneuver TIEs. He's one hell of a pilot, but the kid doesn't know everything."

The Jedi laughed and gave her husband a kiss.

A little later, Dash had changed, tucked the pilot's helmet under his arm and left the barrack toward the landing pad.

There, he was already awaited by the young, self-confident commander. Poe grinned broadly and patted his astromech's head, when he saw Dash approaching him.

"I'm curious what the oldster will show me, BB-8." A quick tone sequence was the droid's response. Poe laughed.

"Yes, you could be right."

Meanwhile, Dash had reached earshot. "About what could the droid be right, Poe?"

"He thought you were going to fire me up, Dash. He probably did talk to your astromech."

The former mercenary laughed. "Be glad you don't practice with Nomi, but with me. Now let's begin."

He climbed light-footed the ladder, jumped into his X-wing, strapped in, donned his helmet and put on the gloves. His astromech, who was already in his socket, whistled happily to himself.

Dash read the translation in his display. "Yes, we make just a few small, cozy exercises for the youngster." He looked at Poe's fighter and saw that Dameron was ready as well.

He nodded to the commander and said via com: "If you're ready, we can start."

" Yes, Dash, I'm ready to go."

Almost simultaneously the fighters ascended into the atmosphere of D'Qar. Poe heard Dash's voice again: "Follow me and try to copy what I'm doing, Poe.

" At the same time, he saw how Dash set his fighter in front of his fighter.

Suddenly, the X-wing made a swing to the left, while at the same time changing over to vertical flight.

Abruptly, the vertical flight ended and with a simultaneous swing to the right, Dash went into the descent to suddenly turn the machine to the left again.

This was followed by a roll which came very close to the famous Darklighter roll.

Dash grinned as he compelled his fighter almost to the limit. And he thought quietly that it wouldn't only be the limit of the machine.

Poe endeavored to copy all the maneuvers which the experienced combat pilot showed him.

He couldn't believe that a man still had such quick reflexes in this age to be able to fly like that. Dash Rendar literally danced with his X-wing through the air.

At this speed it would have any TIE Pilot hard to get it into the target acquisition. Straight out of a roll, Dash flew into a looping.

Poe pulled the joystick to bring his fighter also in the looping, at the same time he felt that his stomach suddenly began to rebel. Desperately, he tried to fight the rising nausea.

Oh no, not that! He was about to throw up. He had to admit that Nomi's husband had pushed him to his limits.

Dameron took a deep breath as he finished the looping and went right back into the vertical flight, like the fighter in front of him.

Luckily, the nausea had subsided and he would not be the laughing stock of the other pilots and especially Dash.

Slowly, he didn't had so many problems to copy Dash's maneuvers. He became more and more secure and soon his fighter danced through D'Qar's atmosphere as if it were the lightest of the galaxy.

A last roll, and then he heard Dash's voice over the com again: "I think that's enough for today, Poe."

When the two fighters stood side by side again on the landing pad, both pilots jumped out of the cockpit. Dameron took off his helmet and Dash saw that his hair was completely sweaty.

The Galactic Civil War veteran grinned and slapped the younger man vigorously on the shoulder. "It looks like I made you sweat, Poe."

The commander nodded and responded: "Your maneuvers pack a punch, Dash. You must have at that time made quite a problem to the Empire with your X-wings."

Rendar laughed. "Oh, yes, Poe. A few more practice sessions and the First Order has also with you not an easy game.

And if you teach that to the other pilots of the Blues and Reds, the First Order will learn to fear you. By the way, you will no longer have the feeling that you're about to throw up.

Believe me, I speak from experience."

Dameron blushed slightly, but then he laughed also, ran his fingers through his sweaty hair and not went into Dash's last remark.

"I know, Dash, the Rogue Squadron and their Commander Wedge Antilles are legends. My mother told me a lot about them when I was a child.

And now I'm fighting along with two pilots who have served in this famous Civil War squadron. I have to leave now, Dash. Thank you for showing me your tricks."

He nodded again to Dash and then went to his barrack, followed by BB-8.

Dash looked after him, then he turned to go to his barrack where Nomi would certainly be waiting for him.

When he entered the barrack, his wife lay on her cot, looking expectantly at him. "Well, darling, how was our young commander at the joystick?"

Dash grinned. "Well, apart from the fact that the kid almost spread his breakfast in the cockpit, very good. Dameron is really a talented pilot, with a quick perception.

He had even managed to do a half Darklighter roll. Could he, like you, use the Force, he would be unbeatable.

He's one hell of a pilot, Nomi, and I think he can fly anything if he doesn't abate with the training."

The Jedi nodded. "I kind of felt it, that this young man has something special about him, Dash. But he's also reckless and that could bring him one day in great danger."

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