The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 47-
The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 47- starwars stories

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The adventures of the Jedi and X-wing pilot Nomi Darklighter during the events of the Sequel Trilogy.

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The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 47-

During their flight through hyperspace the pilots heard Poe's voice via com: "Red squad, Blue squad, take my lead. The pilots acknowledged Poe's order and went back to sub-light.

When they dropped out of hyperspace they saw in front of them the gigantic Starkiller Base.

Nomi heard Poe's orders and the pilots' responses over the battle frequency. They headed for the base and there for the oscillator structure.

With Poe's black X-wing in the lead they began to dive bomb the oscillator.

There was no defensive fire so far, but Nomi knew too well that this would begin soon and that they would send TIEs when those at the base were aware what's going on.

Again was Poe's voice to hear. "Almost in range! Hit the target dead center, as many runs as we can get!"

Snap answered: "Approaching target."

Nomi and her family followed the others and begun their strafing runs. They caused large explosions on top of the oscillator.

Poe had satisfaction in his voice, when he saw this and gave a new order: "Let's light it up!"

He dive bombed the oscillator, hitting it dead center in quick succession.

Nomi heard Lieutenant Bastian: "Direct hit."

But then was Ello Asty's response to hear: "But no damage!"

"Yeah, we gotta keep hitting it! Another bombing run! Remember, when that sun is gone, that weapon will be ready to fire! But as long as there's light, we got a chance."

It were Poe's words which gave the pilots another motivational push.

And then they came, dozens of TIEs. Again Poe's voice: "Guys, we got a lot of company!"

Despite the oncoming TIEs the X-wings came back for a new attack run.

"Blue 8! Watch out! There's one behind you!"

Blue 8 dived, turned, came up behind the attacking TIE and fired. One enemy less to worry about.

The X-wings were dog fighting with the TIEs. More and more TIEs fell victim to the Resistance X-wings. Nomi fired at an oncoming TIE and it exploded.

Minutes later she saw Poe's fighter nearly colliding with an enemy fighter. Nomi sighed a breath of relief when she saw Poe's maneuver to avoid the collision.

The Jedi heard Snap. "I got one behind me. See it?"

"Yeah, I'm on it!" Was Jess Pava's answer before she fired on the pursuing TIE.

And then the ground defensive fire begun. A heavy cannon emplacement launched a missile that shredded an X-wing fighter.

Jess cried out. "Furillo's been hit!"

For him Snap's warning came too late. "Watch out for ground fire!"

The Resistance pilots needed all their skills to dodge and blast enemy fighters and oncoming missiles as well. It was a deadly dance.

Suddenly Nomi felt something dark situated in the oscillator. She tried to shake the feeling but it still lingered in the Force. But she had to concentrate on the task at hand.

There was no time to ponder what could be the meaning of the darkness she had felt.

The X-wing fighters were still trying to find an opening in the structure. When she was dodging and firing, Nomi heard her comrades' voices.

"We just lost R-1!"

"We're overwhelmed! What do we do? It isn't working!" There was despair in Jess Pava's voice.

The Jedi saw the oscillator's structure shaken by explosions from the inside and she wasn't the only one who saw it, then she heard Yolo Ziff's voice over com.

"Black Leader, there's a brand new hole in this oscillator. Looks like our friends got in."

But not only the oscillator was shaken. The Jedi felt darkness, conflict and pure hatred in the Force. She struggled to dampen the surge of those emotions which threatened to distract her.

Then a new order from Poe: "Red Four! Red 6! Cover us!"

Lieutenant Bastian and Ello Asty acknowledged the order. A few seconds later Poe gave his order for the other pilots: "Everybody else, hit the target hard! Give it everything you got!"

Nomi dived together with the other pilots and blasted the oscillator.

Two X-wings including Poe's soared through the trench leading to the oscillator structure. While the other X-wings were flying their strafing runs.

The Jedi heard Poe's voice again: "I need some help here! I need some help!"

"I'm coming in!" Lieutenant Bastian's fighter came for aid.

"Watch out!" But Jess' warning came too late.

"I'm hit!", were Ello Asty's last words when his fighter was blasted to pieces.

But there was no time for grieving when Poe said: "All teams - I'm going in! Pull up and cover me!"

"Copy that, Black Leader! Good luck, Poe!", came Niv Lek's answer.

The trailing X-wings peeled off as Poe's black fighter darted into the fiery breach.

Nomi looked at the horizon and realized that the sun was almost gone.

The Jedi saw Poe's X-wing weave through the breach and then were heavy explosions to hear when Poe fired one torpedo after the other. Shortly after he came out.

The remaining X-wings, including Poe's, blasted the place and the structure begun to crater, deep underground.

Suddenly Nomi saw the Millennium Falcon ascend from the near forest. The remaining fighters followed the freighter, when Poe said: "All teams! I got eyes on them!"

When the planet imploded, the spacecrafts ascended in the orbit.

Poe said: "Our job's done here. Let's go home!"

At the same time they made the jump to hyperspace.

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