The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 9-
The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 9- starwars stories

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The adventures of the Jedi and X-wing pilot Nomi Darklighter during the events of the Sequel Trilogy.

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The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 9-

Hosnian Prime

Dash jr. was lying on the operating table and a 2-1B unit accommodated the new bionic prosthetic arm.

The droid adjoined the arm stump's natural nerve tracts with the prosthesis' electronic ones. His patient was in a semi-conscious state because of a sedative.

After he had finished his work he addressed Dash, who had waited patiently and had watched the surgery. "Your son will be able to use his arm again in approx. three standard days, Major Rendar.

He was lucky that his arm wasn't severed right at the shoulder." Dash sighed a breath of relief.

"Will he be able to wield a lightsaber?" The droid seemed to mull over. "If all heals over - yes." It seemed that Dash jr. regains consciousness but he was scheduled for the bacta tank.

2-1B injected a second shot of the sedative in the left arm. It would be better to hold the semi-conscious state up.

Many patients, whether human or non-human, tend to panic when treated in a bacta tank. Shortly afterwards Dash jr. floated in the slightly rose shimmering, sticky bacta.

At the begin he struggled, but then he went limp and gave himself up to the healing effect. 2-1B checked the read outs and turned satisfied to Dash.

"The patient responds well to the bacta, Major Rendar."

After an hour in the bacta tank Dash jr. was, accompanied from his father, brought in a hospital room, where his mother and sister where already waiting for him.

He was still slightly dizzy, but his vital spirits came back slowly. Cautiously he touched with his left hand his new arm, which felt oddly strange to him.

Would he ever could use it? Above all things, would it ever be suitable to handle a weapon? Dash saw the doubt in his son's eyes and was able to understand what was going on in him.

"You'll be your old self again, kid." His son shook his head. "It will never be as it used to be, father."

Nomi caressed his face gently, like she did when he was a little child. "You're strong, Dash and 2-1B reassured us, that you didn't distinguish the difference after some time.

" Her son looked doubtful at her. "Trust the Force, Dash." Dash jr. casted down his eyes and whispered nearly inaudible: "Trust the Force...

Why has the Force allowed, that Kylo Ren has betrayed us?" "Frankly, I am stuck for an answer, Dash."

Three standard days and after many bacta treatments Dash jr. could leave the hospital. He was happy about this, then he was sour on being idle. Pleased he looked at his new arm.

The small line between his arm stump and the bionic prosthesis was because of the bacta barely visible. He don his coverall careful.

It was a bit cumbersome, because the fingers of his right hand reacted delayed to the nerve impulses. But 2-1B had assured him, that this will lessen soon.

He grabbed slowly his weapons belt and girded it. On the table in front of him lay his lightsaber, which his sister had picked up before their escape.

When he fastened it at his belt, he wondered if he would be ever able to wield it properly. He sighed.

What kind of Jedi would he be without his lightsaber?

He felt boiling anger, but simultaneously he remembered what Master Skywalker has always said, when Ben Solo were throwing a tantrum: 'Anger leads to the dark side.'

At the thought of Ben, who called himself Kylo Ren now, it grew even worse. Breathing hard he sat down on the bed. He had to calm down. 'Allow your emotions, but then let they flow like a river.


The young Jedi sunk slowly in a deep meditation. He breathed regular and his anger ebbed away.

In this moment entered his sister the room. "You look as you could take on a krayt dragon, dear brother." Dash jr. looked up and smiled at her, for the first time in a long time.

"I think it'll take a while longer, kiddo. My hand doesn't obey me entirely." Tasherit stood in front of him akimbo. "Don't call me kiddo, Dash.

" Her brother grinned broadly over his sister's contrived disgust. She laughed and sat next to him on his bed. But then she grew serious. "Do you remember Tarik?" Her brother nodded. "Certainly.

Tarik is one of our mother's old friends." "I've visited him yesterday. He told me about a group, built by senator Organa called 'Resistance'." She grew euphoric.

"Dash, finally we can do something useful. They need good pilots like us. Tarik can make contact to the Resistance. C'mon, brother." Dash shook his head.

"And what about our dealings?" "They aren't important. We could like our parents in those days fight for freedom and justice, Dash." Her brother wasn't still entirely convinced. "Resistance...

resistance against what?" "Against the First Order. Senator Organa and Tarik feel confident that this successor of the Empire could pose a grave danger to the New Republic.

" Dash shook his head again. "How can I be useful for the Resistance with this arm?" Tasherit stroke the prosthesis, which was oddly cool, carefully with her index finger.

"You won't notice that it is a prosthesis soon. Please, let's join the Resistance." Her brother stood up. "Ok, we'll see, if they have need of us."

A few standard hours later get Nomi and Dash an unannounced visit from Tarik. It was obviously that he was pleased to see the Aquarius.

He settled down at the Dejarik table situated in the freighter's mid section. In remembrance of old times with the Alliance he brought a bottle Jet sprit along.

A beverage only to savor with caution, but very popular among the X-wing pilots of Rogue Squadron during the Civil War.

After he had poured an adequate quantity in his friend's glasses and for himself, he leaned relaxed back. Slowly he moved the drink in his glass, before he took a hit.

The Jet sprit burned like fire in his throat and he coughed. Dash couldn't suppress a grin and downed the drink with one gulp keeping a straight face.

Nomi smiled at both, but then she stopped smiling. "You aren't here because of old times, Tarik." Her old friend nodded. "Your children asked me to go to you when they've lost Hosnian Prime.

They want to join the Resistance and feared that you disapprove."

Dash shook his head. "Our children are grown up and can take their own decisions, Tarik. But it would have been nice if they had said goodbye."

Nomi remembered when she had left Tatooine long ago with no goodbye to her parents. She was unable to be annoyed about Tarik or her children.

Tarik was relieved, that his friends didn't blame him due to the fact that he had enlisted Tasherit and Dash jr. for the Resistance.

The Jedi smiled at her old brother in arms. "The Resistance can consider itself fortunate to get such good pilots with the Force as an ally."

Tarik looked in her eyes. "I still hope that you'll join the Resistance too. " Nomi stood up and winked at him. "The ways of the Force are inscrutable, Tarik.

" The ambassador stood up too and took his leave.

When he left the hangar and felt Hosnian Prime's cool evening air he swayed slightly.

In this moment he realized that it would be better to keep his hands off Jet sprit. Hopefully he would be sober soon, since he would set out to a mission on Corellia tomorrow.

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