The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 8-
The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 8- starwars stories

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The adventures of the Jedi and X-wing pilot Nomi Darklighter during the events of the Sequel Trilogy.

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The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter -Chapter 8-


Nomi was always surprised how much green there could be on some planets of the galaxy.

Granted, Dagobah wasn't bare of vegetation, but all of the plants on this swamp planet were almost gray instead of green.

Below there was a large see and on a peninsula she could already see Maz Kanata's castle. Nearby her Aquarius flew Dash with his Outrider. He was shortly after her dropped out of hyperspace.

There was no ground control on Takodana. Arriving pilots were supposed to find themselves a landing pad near the castle. The Aquarius descended softly to the ground.

A few meters away Dash landed his ship. Almost at the same time the ramps of both ships lowered and their pilots stepped out in Takodana's clear air.

Nomi remembered faintly to have been here with Tarik one time. But this was a long time ago. Certainly Maz Kanata wouldn't remember her. Dash approached her laughing.

"I've never thought that I'll come back at this place. And first and foremost seeing Maz Kanata again.

At this place I was for days and nights on at the gaming tables and have made one or two credit." Nomi looked doubtful at him. "Ok, I admit that I've lost them mostly.

C'mon, let's go to the castle."

They entered through an archway the castle's inner courtyard which was dominated from a great statue of Maz Kanata.

From the individual buildings, situated around the inner courtyard wafted hundreds of flags in the wind.

It was custom, Nomi remembered that everybody who was Maz' guest left his flag as a thank you. She swallowed hard seeing amongst all those flags the flag of the loathsome 501.

Legion of the Empire. She contained herself fast, when she saw Dash's and Tarik's flag which hang peaceful abreast and wafted in the moderate breeze. Maz' castle was all along neutral ground.

Everybody was welcome, who stands to the rules. The heavy entry door opened in front of them and they were met with hubbub, music and umpteen odors. Dash lead, while Nomi stopped at the door.

She had sensed something but couldn't say for sure what it was. The Jedi concentrated and then she saw.

On the ground where the castle was built, long ago a battle between Jedi and Sith had took place. She shivered, when she saw in her vision the many dead and wounded on both sides.

Dash turned to her, when he realized that she didn't followed him. He saw that she had paled. "What's the matter, Darling?"

Nomi shook her head. "Nothing." And she kept going into the with noise filled room.

They've just settled down at an empty table, when Maz Kanata noticed them. Swiftly she run up to them.

"Dash Rendar! It's a long time ago since I saw you the last!" She wore glasses and were significant smaller than the statue in the inner courtyard. Her small eyes gleamed with joy.

"And who's your companion?"

"This is Nomi Darklighter, my wife."

Maz adjusted her glasses so her eyes appeared larger and scrutinized Nomi. "She was already here. I never forget a face I've seen."

Nomi nodded, but Maz stopped her with a wave of her hand and continued: "Those eyes... I knew your father."

The Jedi shook her head. "Jula Darklighter was never on Takodana."

"I'm talking about your true father, chit. Ulic Bel-Baal..."

In this moment there was in an area of the room an uproar to be heard. Tables were overturned and glasses get broken.

Nomi and Dash looked curious in the direction and hardly believed their eyes. They knew the redhead, who was wrestling with a Bith, very well.

It was their daughter Tasherit. Around the fighters were gathered many bystanders, whom whooped at the one or the other side.

While Nomi wondered why she hadn't felt her daughter in the Force, Dash jumped up and pushed the bystanders aside. He socked the Bith on the jaw and he went down.

After this he grabbed his daughter's arm and trailed her to the table.

"Drop it, father! I don't need your help!" Dash flashed angrily at her. "My daughter doesn't bandy blows. Sit down!"

Tasherit sat reluctantly on a stool at the table and looked spiteful at her father. His facial expression softened, when he said: "We're glad that we've finally found you, kiddo.

" Nomi caressed her cheek. "Luke has told us what happened. Where are your brothers?"

Tasherit flinched and tears were on the brink to fall. "Dash jr. is with me, Mama. Because of him I had this fight. I had to defend him." Dash interrupted her: "Dash jr.

is a strong young man who's able to defend himself."

Tasherit shook her head in despair. "No, father, he can't anymore..." Nomi looked behind herself, when she sensed a strong presence in the Force. Behind her stood Dash jr.

, who must had subdued his presence in the Force like his sister. By looking at him she saw why Tasherit were so desperate and why she had to defend her brother. Dash jr.

, her husband's favorite son, looked sick and miserable. Nomi looked horrified on the primitive prosthesis, which protruded from the torn open sleeve. Dash jr had lost his right arm.

Dash jr. looked at his mother, hauled a stool with his foot and slumped on it. It hurt Nomi to see him like this. He was always so strong and confident.

She wanted to clasp his left hand, but he detracted it immediately. The Jedi saw that her husband struggled to retain his composure.

When he had composed himself, he begun to speak: "How did this happen, Dash?" His oldest son looked at him. Rage sparkled in his eyes. "As usual happens, father.

My sister was in danger and I wanted to help her. The opponent was faster and handier with his lightsaber than me and therefore I've lost my arm. There's nothing more to say."

Tasherit touched her brother's shoulder to calm him down. "You've saved my life, Dash. Without your intervening Ben would have killed me." Her brother shook her hand off and flashed at her.

"Don't call him this.

The man who did this to me has nothing in common with Ben, the Ben you've once called friend! He had betrayed us!

" Nomi sensed her son's deep trauma and tried to send him calming thoughts through the Force. It seemed that Dash jr.

calmed down and Nomi addressed Tasherit: "How did you escape? And where are Corran and Biggs?" Tasherit hesitated before she spoke. "I've feigned death, Mama.

There was so much blood around me, I think that Kylo Ren presumed that I've bled to death. After he cut off Dash's arm he let up from him and vanished."

Nomi cringed by the name Kylo Ren. She knew the name from her dream. She regained her composure fast and continued listening to her daughter.

"We were able to trudge to the academy's landing pad. There we found some undestroyed ships. With one of them we escaped." Tasherit sighed. "I don't know if Corran and Biggs have survived.

I haven't seen them again since the attack."

Nomi noticed that Maz Kanata still stood beside the table. The Jedi expected, that she would address reproaches to them because of the broken furniture and glasses.

But it was something else what she had to say. "I've felt it immediately, even if I'm no Jedi, Nomi. The Force is strong in you and your children.

It's your father's heritage, which live on in you." She pointed at Dash jr. "Your son has a will of durasteel, otherwise he would be dead by now.

See to it that he use this strength for the good, Nomi." Then she turned and went to another table in order to greet new guests.

Dash put some credits on the table and stood up. "I can't see why you haven't contacted us." Tasherit looked at her father. "We've feared that Kylo Ren could trace us.

" Dash put his arm around her. "We should fly to Hosnian Prime together." Tasherit nodded. Her father looked asking at his children. "C'mon the Outrider stands nearby."

His daughter shook her head and said not without pride: "We've our own ship, father, the Sagittarius. We meet on Hosnian Prime."

She left the castle with her brother, while their parents looked after them.

Dash cast a questioning glance at his wife. "Wherefrom they have a ship?" Nomi shrugged and hoped inwardly that Tasherit hasn't it stolen somewhere. "Let's start, Dash."

Shortly afterwards three spacecrafts ascended Takodana's orbit and jumped one after another in hyperspace.

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