Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 3-
Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 3- fanfiction stories

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The former smuggler Nomi Darklighter fights the Empire.

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Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 3-

Somewhere in Hyperspace

We were on our way home from a mission. My very first mission for the Alliance. Wedge and I infiltrated the Imperial Academy planet Carida.

We were tasked to steal ion cannon components. The drill on Carida was harsh. Since Wedge already knew how to behave as an Imp it was much easier for him to blend in than for me.

He told me that he was once a TIE fighter pilot before he defected to the Alliance. During the months we were there we managed to steal the components.

And not this alone, we were also able to sabotage the controls of some Imperial Star Destroyers and TIEs. This was an easy task for me since I was trained as a commando.

Maybe therefore they chose me for the mission.

When we had finally the needed components we went to the freighter where we had secretly stored them. But then the problems began. A stormtrooper commander stopped us. "Where are you going?"

Wedge answered him: "We've order to make the freighter ready to take off, sir."

The commander turned to a com unit. "I don't know anything about it. I'll ask."

Wedge gave a signal and we drew our weapons. Nobody can imagine the confusion among the stormtroopers when two of their own fired on them.

Before they get the idea to return the fire approximately a dozen of them lay dead on the ground. But the survivors recovered fast from their shock and it became hard to reach the freighter.

We encountered fierce resistance. Our fleeing became a race with the death. Half of Carida was in uproar because of us. At last we had reached our destination.

Freedom was within our grasp, when I get the uneasy feeling of danger. I called out to Wedge that he has to take cover while already shots were flying over our heads.

We were ambushed by the enemy.

Wedge shouted at me, but I couldn't understand him because of the noise of battle. He gestured towards the freighter and then I understood what he was calling.

"Run to the freighter, Nomi! I'll give you covering fire!"

I actually managed to get to the freighter and start it. When I looked out of the cockpit, I saw that Wedge was surrounded by stormtroopers.

It was only a matter of time before he would be killed or captured. I couldn't leave Wedge to his fate. I pulled the freighter up and flew to the place where Wedge was.

The stormtroopers fired with their blaster rifles at the freighter, but the shots bounced harmlessly from the deflector shields.

With the freighter's laser cannon, I caused much more damage among the stormtroopers.

When I was directly over Wedge I opened the hatch and lowered the ramp. Wedge jumped up and entered the freighter. I closed the hatch and raised the ramp.

He had slumped hardly in the copilot seat, when I ascended in Carida's orbit.

There, the Imps had nothing to set against us because our sabotage of the Star Destroyers and TIEs was very successful.

After we left the gravitational shadow of the planet, we jumped into hyperspace.

That was a close call. Thanks the Force at last everything went well and we were able to bring the ion cannon components to our new base.

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