Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Prologue-
Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Prologue- fanfiction stories

nomidarklighter Rebellions are built on hope.
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The former smuggler Nomi Darklighter fights the Empire.

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Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Prologue-

I was born to a moisture farmer family on Tatooine. Since my parents Jula and Silya Darklighter adored the Jedi I was named after the famous Jedi Knight Nomi Sunrider.

We had a large estate on Tatooine, but it fell to the Empire. It was the punishment for helping Jedi to escape during the Great Purge.

Life on Tatooine was always boring for me.

The only fun was to fly with the family's skyhopper through Beggar's Canyon, together with Luke Skywalker, my cousin Biggs and others who were bored like me.

The greatest adventure for us was to shoot on Womp Rats.

I was always longing for the stars, but there was no way to reach this goal.

When all my friends had left the planet there was nothing what held me any longer. I run away from our farm and went to Mos Eisley.

There I have stolen a YT-1300 Corellian freighter, named it Aquarius and begun a career as a smuggler.

Together with my copilot Tarik, a winged non-human from a little-known planet in the Outer Rim I was quite successful. We were able to get a living from our business.

Then the day came which had changed my life forever. The day when I learned that my cousin Biggs was killed in action during the Battle of Yavin.

When my grief ceased was only hate and anger for the Empire left inside me. Shortly after I've joined the Alliance to restore the Republic, which the Empire only refers to as the Rebellion.

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