Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 9-
Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 9- fanfiction stories

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The former smuggler Nomi Darklighter fights the Empire.

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Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 9-


Dash came after a few days back to me. It was shortly before a mission to Corellia in order to establish a supply line for the Alliance.

Wedge and me were assigned to the mission. When we entered the hangar bay, he looked with amazement at the Aquarius.

"Oh wow! I thought the Millennium Falcon is a hunk of junk, but your ship is far worse, Nomi."

I laughed. "Ah c'mon, Wedge, I don't know what you mean. For me she's beautiful.

I have also installed some extras and the engines modified so that the Aquarius is the second fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy."

Wedge grumbled: "If you say so. Let's start."

After an eventless journey we landed on Corellia. But it seemed that our mission was ill-fated.

Two standard days after our landing we learned that Dan D'y our contact on Corellia was taken by the Imperials. He hadn't survived the interrogation.

Wedge was nervous when he came back in our room.

"It would be better if we go as fast as possible, Nomi. We don't know what Dan D'y told the Imperials when they tortured him. There are few who can withstand an Imperial interrogation droid."

I nodded and quickly packed our things. Unfortunately the Aquarius was in a docking bay situated at the other end of the city.

We hoped that we won't encounter any Imperials on our way since we were wanted by the Empire. Our only weapons were my vibro knife and Wedge's blaster.

I'm skilled with the knife but it is a melee weapon and there's no Imperial who let someone come this near to use it effectively.

Wedge urged to leave. We hoped that the Force would be with us and we would escape unscathed. But our hope for an easy escape has not been fulfilled.

Against expectation Wedge and me had reached the space port without any incidents and we considered ourselves safe. Then an incident happened we hadn't bargained for.

Since my dress was a little bit too flirty a drunken Twi'lek was attracted by me. Swaying he came up to us. When he was on the same level with us, he suddenly caught my arm.

"Hey, sweetie, how about the two of us?"

I tried to get rid of him, but he was holding me tight.

"Let me go, please."

His breath smelled of alcohol when he answered me. "Ah, you play the farouche."

With a look of contempt he looked at Wedge. "What does this guy has to offer? Come with me. I promise you we'll have a lot of fun with each other."

I looked for help to Wedge. He tried to take the Twi'lek's hand from my arm.

"You heard what my fiancée said."

The Twi'lek laughed. "Your fiancée? Boy, you're still wet behind the ears. Someone like you, I won't even let clean out my Bantha stables. And now go away."

At the same moment he swung his fist and downed Wedge. He turned back to me.

"C'mon, sweetie, let's go to me now."

He tightened his grip on my arm and pulled me close. When he tried to kiss me, I didn't know what else to do and pulled out my vibro knife.

"Ok, that's enough. You didn't want it otherwise."

The Twi'lek recoiled. He had thought I would be easy meat for him.

Then I realized that it had been a mistake to pull the knife.

The four stormtroopers, who until then had been bored in a corner by the landing bay of the Aquarius, felt they had to intervene now that a weapon was involved.

They recognized Wedge and me because we were wanted by the Empire.

"There are Rebels! Fire!"

Without hesitation they opened fire on me and Wedge, who had meanwhile regained consciousness. Unfortunately, I was exactly in the line of fire.

Wedge yelled. "Nomi! Take cover!"

But there wasn't any cover and it was already too late. In the same instant when Wedge yelled several blaster shots hit me. I felt a terrible, burning pain in my chest.

With my hands I tried to stop the bleeding. My vision was blurred, but I noticed that Wedge came crawling towards me.

Thanks the Force he wasn't this badly injured like me. Then darkness enveloped me - I had lost consciousness. I woke up in a bacta tank aboard a frigate.

Wedge had managed somehow to checkmate the stormtroopers and to carry me aboard the Aquarius.

He told me that he had never flown this fast like this time. The emergency med pack couldn't have kept me alive for long.

Wedge said if I had died, he would never have been able to look in Dash's, Luke's and especially my brother's eyes. He is quite contrite that he couldn't protect me on Corellia.

Speaking of Luke, he's also here aboard the frigate. He has lost his right hand when he dueled Darth Vader on Cloud City. Luke got a bionic hand for the lost one.

When I visited him I was shocked how he looked like. I sat down at his side and asked him: "What happened, Luke?"

I saw tears running down his face and took him in my arms. "You know that you can tell me anything."

Luke slowly calmed down and then he told me the whole terrible story.

"It's all my fault, Nomi. I should have listen to Master Yoda and Ben. They warned me that I'm not ready. But I couldn't let my friends down. But I made things even worse."

He began anew to cry.

"Han... he was frozen in carbonite on Vader's order and handed over to the bounty hunter Boba Fett, who brings him to Jabba the Hutt. I...

I was so sure that I can avert disaster, but I've failed, Nomi. In the end they had to save me."

Luke raised his head and looked into my eyes with a tear-stained look.

"I must tell you something, Nomi. You're my friend. I don't know nobody else to whom I could confide what I tell you now. Vader claimed to be my father."

I looked horrified at him and left him shortly after. It was unbelievable to me that this monster could be Luke's father.

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