Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 8-
Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 8- fanfiction stories

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The former smuggler Nomi Darklighter fights the Empire.

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Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 8-

Battle of Hoth

Luke had been attacked by a Wampa a few standard days ago and was seriously injured. Han told me about this when they were back. He had found Luke in the ice desert.

But since Han's Taun Taun was frozen to death there was no way back to the base. The night with Luke in the pup tent was terrible.

Luke had fever and fantasized constantly about a Yoda and Dagobah. Han thought that Luke wouldn't make it.

At the morning the snowspeeders were finally operational, were searching for them and found them. After a few standard hours in a bacta tank Luke was well again.

Then came the day when the Empire found us. We had felt so safe on Hoth. When the alarm sirens blared I was with my Taun Taun on the North Ridge.

I managed it to reach the base before the AT-AT attack begun. When I reached the base I ran from the Taun Taun stables to the hangar for readying my X-wing for takeoff.

The Imperials had already prevailed and had intruded the base.

I was just turning a corner when I saw a squad led by Vader personally. I almost ran into them. I pressed myself into a niche and prayed quietly that they wouldn't notice me.

My heart stood still when the Dark Lord looked exactly in the direction where I was hiding.

He paused for a moment and said to the stormtroopers accompanying him: "I feel something. A presence... But it can't be - strange."

Then he shook his head and hurried on.

I let go of the breath, I didn't realize I had been holding. I'm no coward but against Vader there would had been no chance. My way to the hangar was terrible.

There were dead and wounded everywhere. Again and again I encountered stormtroopers. I had to fight my way to the hangar in the truest sense of the word.

Killing was not easy for me, but it was about either them or me. I had no choice if I wanted to survive. But these images will probably haunt me for a lifetime.

Finally I reached the hangar where I saw Dash. He had recently arrived with the Outrider.

I thought my eyes not to be trusted. Was he totally crazy? He jumped in a snowspeeder and joined the attack, which was lead by Luke, on the AT-ATs. He wasn't even a member of the Alliance.

I couldn't stay any longer and think about Dash's combat mission. The enemies were already close. I jumped into my X-Wing, which my R2-unit Fuzzy had already made ready for takeoff.

As part of the escort for the last transport, I managed to escape the Imperial blockade.

When we reached the rendezvous point I could Dash take in my arms. He had survived the Imperial attack. We had to mourn many losses. It was the greatest defeat the Alliance had suffered so far.

After the evacuation were Han, Luke, Princess Leia and Chewie missing.

We all had expected to see them at the rendezvous point. But even after many standard days there wasn't any sign of life from them.

Dash had completely changed since the battle. Only outwardly he still maintained the facade of the cynic and the mouthy jack-of-all-trades.

He had already told me on his way to Hoth, that he has a great request to me. After a tenderly kiss he told me his wish.

"After all this dying that I had to watch, I was only strengthened even more in my desire. I had already told you on my way to Hoth, that I have a great request, my darling."

I looked up to him and nodded.

He looked at me lovingly. "Now I stand before you and don't know how to tell you, Nomi."

"Ah come on, Dash, you were never shy. What is it?"

Well, and then he blurted out his desire. " I want a child from you, Nomi. Please don't say no."

He looked at me expectantly.

My thoughts swirled. A child. I have always dreamed of marrying one day and having children. But there's war. The Alliance has no need for a pregnant pilot.

How should I tell him that now is not the right time for a child?

Pleadingly he looked at me with his beautiful green eyes.

" Yes, Dash, I would also like to have a child of you..." I hesitated to end the sentence.

Dash didn't notice it and immediately wanted to take action. As he began to open the zipper of my uniform, I held his hand and finished the sentence.

"... but not at this time. I think if we want to populate the galaxy with little Rendars, it's better to wait until after the war."

His reaction to my rejection of his desire to have children was fierce. We had a terrible quarrel.

"You don't love me, Nomi! Would you otherwise refuse to have a baby with me?"

"You're unfair, Dash Rendar!"

He walked quickly to the door of my quarters. "Is it so hard to understand that I want a child with you, Nomi? I really thought I meant something to you and that I'm not just an affair for you.

Apparently I was wrong."

I ran after him and tried to stop him. " Please, Dash, understand. I love you and you mean everything to me. But for a child is now not the right time."

Dash get rid of my hand and stormed, followed by me, toward the docking bay, where the Outrider stood.

He had not really listened to me or he wouldn't have said the following: "It seems a mercenary and smuggler isn't good enough to you! It's better if I disappear from your life, Nomi!"

At the foot of the ramp of the Outrider I had finally caught up with him. The eyes of all those present in the docking bay were directed at us, but that was indifferent to me.

"Please, Dash, don't go."

He ran up the ramp without hesitation and disappeared inside the freighter. The access ramp was lifted and I had to retreat behind the protective gates, when the Outrider launched.

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