Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 12-
Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 12- fanfiction stories

nomidarklighter Rebellions are built on hope.
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The former smuggler Nomi Darklighter fights the Empire.

Star Wars & Characters ©Lucasfilm/Disney
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Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 12-

Secret Alliance Base

After several weeks Dash came back. But it wasn't the Dash I was used to know. He performed his task as Luke's bodyguard very well, but another task he has totally messed up.

In the course of hijacking a freighter over Kothlis that had a computer with secret plans of the Empire on board eight Bothans died because of him.

He was shaken and in desperation. It wasn't only a damaged ego. The dead Bothans been on his conscience and he said again and again that he can't have fired wide.

There wasn't much left of the Dash I was fallen in love with.

A few days later he was on his way to Coruscant to support Luke's friends. Princess Leia was in trouble after contacting Black Sun, since Prince Xizor hold her captive.

Dash wanted to make up for his failure at Kothlis. He also had a score to settle with the Empire. When he told me about his plan, I must had paled, since he looked shocked at me.

"What's wrong, darling? You're so pale."

In my helplessness I yelled at him.

"They'll kill you, Dash!

Did you forget that the Rendar family was banished from the planet under penalty of death after the freighter accident that killed your brother and destroyed the Emperor's museum?

I don't want that you go! Don't leave me, Dash!"

Dash gently pulled me into his arms and caressed my face.

"Don't make it so hard for me, Nomi. It will all work out. Trust me. Believe me I know what I'm doing and I'll be back." He looked at his chrono. "It's time.

Leebo has readied the Outrider for takeoff."

Dash stood up and went to the door. I followed him and we walked together to the hangar.

Before Dash stepped into the Outrider he kissed me so full of desire and passion, as if it were the last time. I was so worried about him.

Every night, a terrible nightmare plagued me, with Dash standing in a blaze of flames calling to me. I wanted to go to meet him, but I couldn't reach him.

He disappeared into the inferno and when it has gone out there was only a pile of ashes left - Dash was gone. Then I woke up and my nightgown was wet with sweat.

I hoped so much that it wasn't a vision of coming events.

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