Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 10-
Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 10- fanfiction stories

nomidarklighterRebellions are built on hope.
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The former smuggler Nomi Darklighter fights the Empire.

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Nomi Darklighter's War Diary -Chapter 10-

Rogue Squadron

It was boring being in the med bay. I was still wondering why General Rieekan sent us so badly armed on a mission.

When I objected during the briefing he only said: "Lieutenant Darklighter, you have your orders."

Luke was also still there, but he wasn't able to lighten my mood.

I was happy when 2-1B told me that I can fly again in one standard week. My brother Gavin was eager to fly with me since I was his pivot.

Also Wedge was looking forward to the moment when I would be with Rogue Squadron again.

Finally the moment came when I was able to leave the med bay. It was amazing how fast my severe wounds were healed.

Four days later we were accidentally discovered by an Imperial Star Destroyer. It was my first battle after being wounded on Corellia.

We were able to jam their transmissions so they couldn't send the coordinates. After this we were deployed to engage the TIEs and the Star Destroyer itself.

I heard Wedge's voice over comm. "Rogues, S-foils in attack position and fire at will."

Shortly after our attack runs begun.

"Rogue 3, a TIE's tailing you."

"I can't see anything. My scanner doesn't work."

In the same instant I saw how Rogue 3 was hit. Flames came out of the stern. He drifted slowly to the frigate with an engine failure.

We managed to take out several TIEs when I saw something odd in my scanner readout.

"Rogue Leader, there's something odd on my scanner."

"I saw it Rogue 10."

"Do you think the same like me, Leader?"

"I bet I know what you think. We're going in, Rogue 10. Rogues, keep the TIEs busy and out of our necks."

Together we steered our X-wings in the Star Destroyer's direction. We met heavy defensive fire, but our shields held.

Then we were in firing range and we took advantage of the mistake the Star Destroyer's commander made. He had directed the whole shield energy on the rear shields.

The bow was literally wide open. My finger lingered over the fire button. Then the signal of the targeting device sounded and I pushed the button sending the proton torpedoes away.

Seconds later the Star Destroyer exploded and some TIEs were caught in the explosion resp. the resulting shockwave.

"Splendid shot, 10!"

The enemy ship and the fighters were all destroyed. No survivor left to tell that there were rebel transports and frigates.

We didn't hear anything from Lando and Chewie. It seemed it wasn't easy to find a trace of Boba Fett.

Luke went together with Princess Leia to Tatooine because it was Boba Fett's destination in order to deliver Han to Jabba the Hutt.

Luke also wanted to take a look in Ben's hut if there would be something he could use for his Jedi training.

Perhaps there would be also plans how to build a new lightsaber since he lost his own during the duel with Darth Vader.

At the day of Luke's and Princess Leia's departure Dash came to me and looked at me with pleading eyes.

"I can't wait any longer, Nomi. Let us marry when Han is freed. He could be my groomsman, Darling."

I nodded and hugged him lovingly.

"I agree, we've waited long enough. When Han is freed I become your wife, I promise."

It was a nice evening, where we sat together for a long time and made plans for the future.

The next day Dash stood in front of me to tell me about his newest plan.

"I'll take part on the search for Boba Fett. Imagine how it would be if I find Boba Fett. It's worth a few credits for sure, isn't it?"

With his superficial selfishness and his greed for credits, he does not make himself popular.

That's what I told him clearly, but he just shrugged his shoulders and went to his beloved Outrider.

I ran after him and caught up with him at the access ramp.

"Dash, please..."

He turned slowly to me. "Yes, Nomi?"

I went up to him, stood on tiptoe and kissed him. "Take care, Dash."

He laughed and tenderly caressed my face. "Take care, Nomi and don't mess with Imperial Star Destroyers again."

Then he walked up the ramp and disappeared inside the Outrider.

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