To my favorite teacher from 8th grade.
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To my favorite teacher from 8th grade.

by Noi

So i mean when i was an 8th grader young and naive girl i had a really interesting math teacher. She was around her 40s and she was the best teacher i ever had. To be honest i hated math.

I will always hate math because , it's something i am not really good at, but that doesn't mean other people won't like or they aren't good at it. Math for some people is like a passion.

A passion like how Art is a passion for an artist. I have always felt trying to pass through math was like trying to cross a broken bridge for me. Always just trying. She tried to make me like it

However once i realized that it isn't really a big thing, i just have to pay attention of what was she saying and explaining to me everything. Ecuations and the formulas.

They pretty much felt like a foreign language i keep trying to learn but can't. Cause i was not interested in it. But she made me kinda like math when she wanted to teach us math with games.

She used to tell us stories and played games like "pick and go" who will solve this ecuation? I always thought i would fail math. But i didn't. Everytime i was about to fail...

She always tried to get the best out of me by giving me more and more ecuations to solve till i got mad and i was like, why am i doing this? I can do this. I can solve it if i learn it.

After solving my ecuations correctly , i realized that math isn;t that hard. Its just the way we see it, if we try to love it the way we love writing and drawing, we can get the best out of us.

Today i am older and i miss middle school because she made me realize all i have to do about things, is to change my perspective about the materials. If i see it as i can do it , then i can.

If i don't like it then i won't like it.

I miss school and mostly, i miss my Math Teacher, she was the best teacher i have ever encountered in 12 years in school. If you like your teacher never doubt it, don;t be ashamed of it.

Don't be ashamed to like your teachers and appreciate them cause they won't be around your life forever, and by the time you realize this, you are an adult.

I wish the best for all the teachers in the world who try to teach their students and get the best out of them.

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This was wonderful. I shall call it Noi's love song to higher understanding. This was beautiful. Great poem.!!!!