Some things
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Noilet me breathe///
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I hope you enjoyed it. :)

Some things

by Noi

I believe heaven exists When i look into your eyes.

I believe hell exists when i don't see you but the abyss.

I look up at the sky Thinking’I live in a world at the loss of belief There is always a sight there When the wind blows my face

When the demons cry.

And the angels laugh

Is when the world is at a loss of belief But I I'm just longing for you.

I cross the river with a fever Letting my heart show me the way To the world ive been looking for forever Im at a loss of belief

Let me fly Erase me, so I won’t cry Take my hand and let the wind blow Let the trees grow till they reach the sky Let me fly Let me fly

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Noilet me breathe///
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Noilet me breathe///
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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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This is really excellent. Each stanza was mellifluous. I enjoyed the wording with its meter and timing. Good job.