I know
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Noilet me breathe///
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I hope you enjoy it and that i made you a little bit smile. :)

I know

by Noi

I know its deadly when you cant breathe I know its hard when you sink I know you feel empty, when you’re left all alone But believe You’re the only one You’ve got for forever

And I know how you are tired to try and prove How hard is it to impress the ones you love Memories that you feel, you’re not a part of

you need no devotion But you gotta know in the end You are the only one you’ve always had

And when the nights get harder They will even get darker Each sound you will hear, will make you shiver

Failing to contain your anger You will know, you are there for yourself You will know that in the morning

You will have a new chance Believe that you’ve got yourself forever

And after a time, the names that made your face lit up Will disappear from your life, and move to another Many go, some stay And I know it hurts

But that’s how it goes But believe, you and yourself can make it Without needing to make a bond You’ve got yourself forever.

Smile more, live more, cause in the end you've only got yourself And scream or cry when its hard no one has to know But i do know, and you too that in the end you've got yourself forever.

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Noilet me breathe///
9 months ago
Another love

Noilet me breathe///
9 months ago

Noilet me breathe///
a year ago
To my favorite teacher from 8th grade.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This is a wise and practical message. I loved the way you wove your words into a comforter for people who think they are lonely and alone. You have to be your own best friend. Great job!!!!