Heart/ on Warranty

Noilet me breathe///
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Heart/ on Warranty

by Noi

I have been broken Felt like, by words, choken I have been forgotten Felt like, by the whole world, forsaken

The days seemed short, for light to be real If it disappeared from my eyes The nights seemed so long, for darkness to leave From my sight, if its now a part of me Ive fallen in love with it.

But my heart, wasn’t on warranty I thought you, only you Could be there, but that’s no guarantee If I break again, and my heart breaks too I shall buy a brand new one.

If it’s new, it’s flawless, Pure, sincere , how extraordinary But it will cost me time To use it, as if its mine A brand new heart, on warranty So maybe, if it breaks It can be fixed,by somebody

But if I don’t have the currency I can only get a second hand Used , by someone else But ill get it for half price Feel, the pain of a previous one Feel, that it’s been broken

More than just twice.

And if I break, if I cry If I lie down, if I feel like I might die If I scream and then ill go mute Please fix my heart Say, you guarantee I still have a warranty.

Thanks for reading(:

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