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Noilet me breathe///
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This is probably a poem i wrote for someone, a while ago. I hope you enjoy it :)


by noemiszatmari

Keep on doing what youre doing Cause you will get somewhere with it I don’t need no enemy When I have a friend like you who gives me insecurity

You ask for a cigarette when you don’t have any And borrow my lighter, saying ill return it maybe I don’t need no enemy Cause you will leave me there helplessly

Keep on doing what youre doing Cause people believe that you are outgoing They believe youre crushing everything And they say youre wining and they will never be losing

You ask for advice when youre at a loss of words And man, give me time cause I wanna learn my chords But you aint leave me till I reach my hands to you

I don’t need no enemy When I have someone who says im broken mentally But your friends think you have generosity So let it be

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Noilet me breathe///
4 months ago
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Hope u like it(:

Noilet me breathe///
a year ago

Noilet me breathe///
9 months ago
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Noilet me breathe///
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@bernardtwindwil thank you for reading, and actually it;s not yet a song, it is a poem written by me but i am looking forward to make a song out of it in the future.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Gorgeous song. I can hear this already. This was such a raw lookm at soemone's plight.