Another love
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Noilet me breathe///
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Another love

by Noi

I can't sing to you All my writings are unfinished poems I can't be with you We live miles away from each other now

But you the one I know this is love I've been into you for years I know this is love

I can't cry for you anymore All my tears has been used I can't think a lot of you anymore My head wonders about someone else

It’s the memory that still lives there The memory of you in the smallest corners in my mind And yet here I am now Writing another poem so I can let this all go

But do you think of me? You didn’t see When I tried to sing to you How much you meant to me

And we are aging Making memories with other people And all your memories are fading away To make new with another love

And my feet is trembling Everytime im giving someone a rose That’s not you That’s not you That’s not you That's not you I'm sorry

I ran out of time You ran out of choices So you went for someone else We had it once for a moment We could hold each other’s hands now

But we both left for another love

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Noilet me breathe///
a year ago

Noilet me breathe///
a year ago

Noilet me breathe///
a year ago
To my favorite teacher from 8th grade.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
You have no shame. You played my heart strings like a banjo. This was an eloquent ode to love and loss and everlasting love wow! Great poem!!!!!