Lonely World| Poem
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nocturnalprismMy work is a prism of my convictions
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But once I could glimpse the light of the sun in the world where I wasn't alone

Lonely World| Poem

by nocturnalprism

I walk in a dark forest Full of shadows and gloom; The little light that remains goes unseen.

But once, I turned And saw a world full of hope; A painting, tinged gold and green.

I walk in a dark forest Ensnared by the night Where the ghost of despair does roam.

But once, I could glimpse The light of the sun In the world where I wasn't alone.

A lonely world is where I live, A world full of misery and spite.

Dark roses twirl around my knees, Their petals even darker than night.

The world where I live Is blinded by mist Unlike the one we shared back in the day. Its grey tendrils curling Around me like smoke, Promising death and decay.

The world where I live is full of horror; Pandora's box has been unleashed Or so it may seem.

But then, I hear The soft chirping of birds And realize it was merely a dream.

I walk in a green forest Full of warmth, love, and life Thinking of the black-grey trees.

I imagine that dark forest With the cold, dead air And wonder if it was destined to be.

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