January| Poem
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nocturnalprismMy work is a prism of my convictions
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An ode to the new year

January| Poem

by nocturnalprism

Of frozen flakes and untied bows

Of fading frost and mistletoe

Upon her birth, the people cheer

She gazes fondly but with fear.

Perhaps a year of new hope and joy

Perhaps the dawn of love and faith

But in her heart, she can't help but think:

Perhaps a boon for crime and hate.

She, the first, the queen of all. She, the beacon within the fall.

She, that leads to the last Away from broken dreams gone past.

Awaiting her arrival is not in vain For in her hands she holds the rein

To the years to come and times to meet

Controlling it all as she sits on her seat.

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