Do You Know Who I Am?
Do You Know Who I Am? mortality stories

nocturnalprismMy work is a prism of my convictions
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Do You Know Who I Am?

by nocturnalprism

Do you know who I am?


Perhaps I should tell you a story.

Then maybe you'll know.

There was once a young star who rose to fame

So famous was she, that all the world knew her name.

She loved the attention and savoured her reign

For it made her forget that she was in pain.

You see, a while back, in her mind came a thought

That one day, all of her possessions would rot

And all that she had ever known would cease to exist:

Her wealth, her looks, and thus her bliss.

These deep, harsh thoughts troubled her so.

Overwhelmed, she began to let them go

And indulged herself in the world that said:

It matters not, live a little instead.

And so, our young star was swept away

By the material world which kept at bay

The fears of loss and forlornness and dread

And let her have a lighter head.

But then, one day, she found herself alone.

Stripped of her title, and all the love she was shown.

Devoid of fans, family, friends, and foes.

Just her, herself, deep in her woes.

How the mighty has fallen! How the wise turned the fool!

How the queen has been taken from her rule!

These deep, harsh thoughts troubled her so.

But this time, she could not let them go.

She looked in the mirror and saw death in her eyes

"I am not the god of all things" she realised.

"I am a product of my environment, purely bred,

Nothing but chemical reactions in my head,

Nothing but a mortal shell,

Who owns nothing, is nothing, does nothing but dwell."

Now tell me

Do you know who I am?

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