The Bitterness of You
The Bitterness of You new poet stories
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nocturnalpoet Writer/Poet, 22yrs, US
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An icy heartbreak that freezes and numbs all feeling.

The Bitterness of You

I sit here, Freezing in the cold, Alone

High winds raging within,

While scarring memories Dance behind my eyes Like old-time picture shows.

A crippling frost inside my soul, Solidifies my heart,

And petrifies the blood inside my veins,

Creating a fortress That cannot be breached.

For a single beat Would create an avalanche,

A gravelly ruin It would leave. A gray decay, A crumbling mess,

Is what would become Of all the tragedy I had diligently ignored...

Like the ring of your voice, And the lines of your face;

But they silently seep through the cracks Of the hardened stone,

Threatening my resistance Like a searing sun After the first snow.

How ironic....

As it was your sharp, glacial last words That created this barren wasteland;

Leaving me stranded, Suffering the sting Of this blistering blizzard.

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