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nocturnal 18 ~ he/they ~ transmasc and tired
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Hush, my little dark one, shrouded in the night. Across the creaking wooden floor, your cradle swings, back and forth.


Hush, My little dark one, Shrouded in the night.

Across the creaking wooden floor, Your cradle swings, Back and forth.

Though your cradle is full and the candle is lit, The light of life has gone out, Snuffed by darkness.

Rock into shadows my silent, restful child, Forth and back again, As surely as the shadows grow, Back and forth you go, A swaddle of blankets all alone.

Sat on a table by itself, A stub of wax dips and curves. Tiny, dancing, flickering flame, Burns bright in rays of red.

It flits maroon, Melded in soft muted sunset oranges And tipped with the palest shades of gold.

And dances in lonely, mournful step, Twirling and sinking, Just as the sun goes.

Ivory drips drop to the metal plate beneath, Cooling in clumps, Drip drop in no pattern neath.

Dancing in the dark, Swaying without a melody, It sunk in on itself, Movements weighed by weight of tragedy.

The brilliant yet bantam blaze casts a mellow golden glow, Across the room, Into the shade, It flares a light so gentle.

My little one, Your cradle rocks, And with you each wood panel squeaks.

This house, so old, This room, so bare, The groaning comes from everywhere.

It’s tired speak drones on and on, A grating rasp, An ending song.

With wind it sways, With us it creaks, Rock back and forth, This old man so bleak.

A shaft of biting, winter air, Finds its way to me, Through cracks on the walls and the ceiling there, Old man finds gaps to spare.

It chills my heart and bumps my skin, Old man, why’ve you let the cold air in? It’s icy enough without the wind.

I fear my heart's already numb, Hung itself in sorrow and soon will be the time, I fear, When my mind may follow suit.

Soon will be the time, My dear, When the darkness takes us too.

My dear little dark one, Veiled in the black and gloom.

Hush, My little one, Old man still speaks, A conversation with the wind.

The candles dance is almost finished, Light soon to flicker out.

Let us rock together, Cradle and shade, Our flare has faded fast.

Sing once with me, Old man and wind, As the flame sways to take a bow.

Give silence a single melody, My little one I give you a vow.

Walk safe path, With wind behind, Do not let the dark overtake your mind and in the black, You’ll soon see, a new light come to guide you through.

Sing once more with me, Your tired talk and chilly howl, Join to make a melody, three of us in harmony.

One final lullaby, My dear dark one, Your final peaceful rest.

Quiet now, Hush one and all, The blaze has bowed at last.

We descend altogether in silence, Down into the darkness.

Hush now my little dark one, Cradle rocking in the black.

Hush bleak, Hush breeze, Hush my dear, Little dark one.

Hush, Hush, The song is done.

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