Cycles and Circles
Cycles and Circles poetry stories

nobodyspecial Raps/Poetry
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A reflective poem you might find meaning in.

Cycles and Circles

Said I wouldn’t, yeah I said I wouldn’t Cause I thought I’d be like no one else Then I had to push it, yeah I had to push it Cause I’m not content with what I’m dealt

Can’t escape the karma, it’s what I wanted That’s all me and no one else I can’t make a promise if I break the promise That I made to me and no one else

Yes I don’t want what I said that I wanted I felt in the moment, I didn’t control it Yes I did promise, I said I’d be honest I broke it I am the one who must own this

Yes I have followed the sins of my father Not stolen This is the path I have chosen

Cycles and circles, I see where I’m goin’ The prices of virtue have costs with the moment

Now I’ve come full circle

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