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Did I scare you?

Your Story

Your Story (A short horror story about you)

You were awaken by the loud wind rustling through the trees. You don't know what happened, and you do not know where you are.

You start to look around the scary woods. Just then, you remember something...

You remember you and your three best friends were playing the ouija board. When nothing happened, you said, "Ha! Told you ghosts, or Momo, or Slenderman aren't real!" You laughed and laughed while your friends tried to think what they did wrong.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake and you felt something coming inside of your body.

"Help!" You screeched. "What's happening to me!" Your friends stare at you in great shock.

That's how you ended up here.

In some scary woods.

"Ana!?" You call to your friends. "Phil?! Liam?!"

*Crunch!* "Eek!" You hop over to the other side. You realize you stepped on a leaf.

You sighed and laughed at yourself.

You hear a creepy little girl laugh that frightens you. You turn left, then right. Left then right.

"Who's there?!" You called. "I take karate classes! Don't come near me!" You get into your fighting position. Then smack yourself on the head. "What am I doing? Ghosts aren't real!"

"I see you..." a voice said behind you. You whirl around and see one of the most creepiest, horrifying ghost.

You scream and start to run for your life. "Don't look behind you!" You say to yourself.

You trip on a thiccc stick.

You trip on a thiccc stick. ~Thiccc with 3 c's B)~

And fall to the ground. You breath heavily and look to see if the ghost is still behind you.

It wasn't there anymore. You brush yourself off. "I gotta get out of here before I die."

You crept through the trees and hear another little girl laugh. "Maybe I'm too late," You mumbled.

Something throws you onto the ground. "hI sIsTeRs," the thing says. "James Charles!?" You say. James Charles tries to attack and you scream. You yell and shout as much as you can.

You suddenly wake up still in shock.

You look around and see a bright light.

That's when you realize...It was just a nightmare.

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