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Just a short story about a boy and girl who find something really valuable...


"C'mon, Mason! Hurry up!" Madison said to her twin brother. "I'm coming!" Mason yelled. He hurried over to his sister.

"Woah! Look at the view!" Madison squealed. Her orange hair blew through the wind. "Cool!" Mason picks up a nearby rock and throws it off the mountain. "Ooh!" Madison points to a cave. "What's that?"

Madison runs over to the cave. Mason follows.

"Woah!" they both say. The cave echos. They continue to search the cave when Madison's phone rings.

"Madison?" Mrs. Scott said. "Where are you?" "We're in some sorta cage. It's super cool!" Madison said. "Well, I need you to come home. Dinner's ready."

Madison sighed with disappointment. "But we just got here!" she complained. "You can go tomorrow," Mrs. Scott said. Madison sighed again. "Fine." She hung up and turned to her brother.

"We have to get going," Madison grumbled. "But we'll surely come tomorrow." Mason nodded.

They ran all the way back home for dinner.

~The Next Day~

Madison and Mason went back to the cave the next day.

Madison searched one spot, and Mason searched another.

Then, they found something that'll change their lives...

Then, they found something that'll change their lives...forever.

"Mason! Come check this out!" Madison yelled. Her brother ran to her. His mouth dropped open.

"Should we open it?" Mason asked. "Of course!" Madison replied.

"WAIT!" Mason said right before Madison was getting ready to open it. "What?" Madison replied. Mason pointed to a note taped to the chest. Madison carefully removed the tape and unfolded the letter.

It had fancy handwriting. The paper looked old.

It read:

To whomever is reading this, Congratulations on finding this note. My name is Fisher and I have left this for you. I surely don't need it. My family died in a car crash because of me. It's a long story. I used to be a CEO of a big company.

Anyways, I don't deserve this gold or cash. So, keep it. All of the money and gold is worth at least 2.5 billion dollars. Before you collect anything, please remember, money doesn't buy happiness. Fisher Chambers July 17, 1856

Madison slowly folded the note. "That was...Interesting," she said. "1856??" "Yeah," Mason agreed. "Very."

"But, Mason, do you know what this means? Were rich and Mom can finally pay her bills!" "And she doesn't need to work day and night everyday anymore!" Mason added.

"And also, WE CAN MAKE HISTORY!" The twins hugged each other tightly. Just then, Madison's phone rang.

"Mom!" she said. "You won't believe what Mason and I found!"

~A Few Days Later~

"And action!"

"I'm Suzanne Fox reporting live at Chamber's Hill where two twins found a interesting note and chest in a cave nearby. The note mentioned that the chest had 2.5 billion dollars inside that chest. We'll keep you updated. I'm Suzanne Fox reporting live, K5CP news."

~The End~

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