Kidnapped sad stories
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Didya like the story? I sure did. Sorry the story's kinda long...


Once, there was a little girl named Ellie.

When she was just 11-months-old, her parents died in a serious car crash.

She was adopted by two new loving parents who took care of her.

Sadly, when Ellie was in first grade, her father died from a overdose.

Ellie had no friends because of her intelligence. She was lonely, but she didn't mind.

Everyday after school, Ellie would go to the mountains. She'd sit on the ground, and admire the view.

But one day, Ellie was playing by herself in a park with nobody else there.

She played alone until a white van pulled up.

A man walked out of the white van and sneaked up on Ellie. He grabbed her and put a bag over her head.

The man put tape on Ellie's mouth as she tried to scream for help.

The man pulled the bag off off Ellie's head and smirked at her.

Ellie had never before felt so scared. She tried to break free but it wasn't working.

They brought Ellie to a house basement. Ellie examined the other kids as the kidnappers where hanging Ellie up.

There were three other girls who looked Ellie's age.

The man grabbed Ellie and put a shot in her.

She felt nauseous and slowly... she starts to fall asleep.

A few hours later, Ellie woke up.

She wasn't tied up anymore. But she was still inside the same basement.

"Are you okay?" one of the girls said. Ellie blinked a few times then nodded. She suddenly felt cold. Ellie realized she wasn't wearing any clothes besides a white tingtop and shorts.

All the girls were wearing the same clothes as Ellie.

"What happened?" Ellie managed to say. "Why was I asleep for so long?"

"They put some sorta shot in you," said another girl. "It makes you fall asleep," added the other.

Ellie nodded slowly. "I'm Mia," said the girl who sat beside Ellie. "I'm Annabeth," said one who was sitting across from Ellie. "And I'm Lizzy," said the girl sitting next to Annabeth.

"I'm Ellie," Ellie said, softly. The girls sat on the ground with their knees tucked into their shirts.

Suddenly, the door busted open. All the girls scooted to the edge of the wall. Ellie could see a hint of sunlight. But only for a few seconds. The man slammed the door.

Another man came in with a knife. All the girls started screaming. Including Ellie. Ellie wasn't a screamer, though, she was really scared.

"Everyone shut up!" The man yelled. The girls became silent. "Now," he said, walking back and forth staring at each girl as he passed by. "If you don't wa-" "Why did you kidnap us?!" Ellie said. At that moment, she regerted every word she just said.

The man with the knife handed the knife to the other man. "I'm sorry!" Ellie cried as tears ran down her cheeks.

The man walked up to Ellie and grabbed her arm. "No, please!" Ellie cried. The man cut Ellie's piece of hand and all the girls screamed. But Ellie's scream was the loudest.

Ellie dropped down to the floor and cried in pain. The guys laughed at Ellie and left the room.

Mia helped Ellie up and helped her clean up the blood. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?" she said after Ellie had calmed down.

"I didn't mean to!" said Ellie. "I didn't know they were going to hurt us." Annabeth shook her head. "I once heard that they kidnapped a thirteen-year-old. The girl talked back to one of the guys and they took her to the woods, stabbed her in the leg, and drove off. She died while screaming!"

"Annabeth! You're scaring us!" Lizzy said. "Sorry." Annabeth rubbed her hands together.

"How long have you guys been here?" Ellie asked a few hours later. "Annabeth and I been here for a week now," Mia explained. "I came here a few days ago," Lizzy said.

Just then, Ellie's stomach start to rumble. It was pretty loud. Everyone heard it. "You must be hungry," Lizzy said, while frowning. Ellie nodded while grabbing her stomach.


"Yes! I checked everywhere and I can't find her!" Ellie's mother cried. She was on the phone with the police. "...In the morning, she said that she was going to the park and when she didn't come back a few hours later, I went to check for her but Ellie was nowhere to be found!" Ellie's mother took a deep breath.

After the police wrote information, she got off the phone with him and Ellie's mother continued searching.

Ellie was freezing and she barely could talk. Her cut burn horribly and she felt sick.

The door swung open again. The man who had cut Ellie's arm stood at the door and stared at the girls. "What's this?" he said. No one talked. He pulled out his knife again. "It's a paper!" Lizzy yelled. The others nodded.

He put his knife back into his pocket. "This paper," he said, "is a paper that says missing. Lets see here..." he pretends to clear his throat. "...ᴍɪꜱꜱɪɴɢ. ɪꜰ ꜰᴏᴜɴᴅ, ᴘʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ᴄᴀʟʟ: 206-0842-4521 ʙʀᴏᴡɴ ᴇʏᴇꜱ..." Mia and Annabeth had brown eyes. Lizzy had blue eyes and blonde hair.

Ellie had blonde hair and hazel eyes. "...ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ʜᴀɪʀ, ꜰᴇᴍᴀʟᴇ..." They all turn to Mia. She had brown eyes and black hair. Mia scooted back to the edge of the wall. The man grabbed Mia by her shirt collar. The girls and Mia screamed.

"Stop!" Ellie yelled. The man stops moving and Mia sighs with relief. He raises a eyebrow. Ellie stood up. "If your going to take her, take me too." By then, the other man had walked in there too. They shrugged their shoulders and grabbed her too.

Annabeth and Lizzy stood up. "And us," they said.

"Yes!" Ellie's mother said. "Yes! That's her!"

"Okay, ma'am. We've sent out flyers and posted on social media. We'll notify you when your daughter is found." Ellie's mom nodded. She headed out and started walking home. Oh, I hope she's alright! Ellie's mom thought.

The girls were tied up in the van. They continued to cry for help but their mouths were taped.

Suddenly, Lizzy's tape came off. She had scratches on her lips and dried up blood on her nose.

She gave a ear-piercing scream. Everyone was shocked.

The man in the passenger seat got out a gun and shot it in Lizzy's leg. The girls were all crying. They were scared.

They drove into a forest and threw each girl off the van.

"Thanks alot, Lizzy!" Annabeth said. "Now we're stuck in here!" "Hey," said Ellie,"It's not her fault! I would have done that too you know. Besides, she's hurt! We need to get help!"

The girls walked around the forest helping Lizzy walk around. "Hee-lp!" Mia yelled. She voice-cracked the last part. "Is anyone here!?" Ellie yelled.

"It's getting dark!" Ellie said. "What are we going to do?" Mia and Annabeth looked at Ellie like she was crazy.

"What do you mean?" Mia said. "Yeah, it's still light out," Annabeth added. Just then, Mia gasped.

"What is it?" said Annabeth. Ellie tried to feel things. She couldn't see a thing.

"I think the guys gave you the vaccine that makes you blind!" Mia yelled. Everyone gasped. Including Lizzy whose leg was getting worse by the second.

Ellie's mother gets a call from the police department. "We know where your daughter is!" The police officer explained. "Someone replied to our social media post and said they spotted her and three other girls walking in the park!" "Oh my goodness! I'll be right over!"

They took a seat at a bench. and sat there.

Just then, the girls hear sirens. They couldn't walk. They were very weary. "Over here!" Annabeth yelled. "Here!" Mia yelled.

The police officer ran towards the yells. "I found 'em!" he yelled. "Over here!"

Four police officers ran towards the girls and carried each one to a hospital bed

Four police officers ran towards the girls and carried each one to a hospital bed (Not correct wording)

Ellie ran into her mother's arms. Ellie's mom burst into tears of joy.

The girls were taken to a nearby hospital.

They were all treated individually. Ellie got eye surgery so she could see again and Lizzy healed from her gunshot wound. Annabeth and Mia didn't get hurt and only had minor injuries.

*A Few Months Later*

Ellie, Mia, Lizzy, and Annabeth became very best friends.

They were all happy and excited when they heard the kidnappers got caught.

It's a happy ending.

It's a happy ending. And everyone was joyful.

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