A bit of info on my fur
A bit of info on my fur gay stories

noah_bloodmoon Hey there! I do gay rps, and DM's are up
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just a little quick info for people that want to rp, I forgot to mention that I'm semi-literate and/or I match the person I'm rping with (I try to at least) I also do any theme they want or you ask me for suggestions

A bit of info on my fur

he is 7ft tall and 19 yrs of age, his species is a fox and an almighty god (I made him a long time ago and got really attached so I don't bother to change him), the colors on his fur is black and red with the tips of his ears and tail as well as his eyes being rainbow. he has a bad-ass personality but has a really kind side that he only shows to his friends(if he has any)

His bg is pretty dark even though he had rich parents after a while his parents hated him (near the age of five) because he had abilities that they didn't(when his powers manifested) and the way that they found out. What resulted when his powers did manifest was him losing control and hospitalizing nearly half of the school

also, his parents died and bc they had no will he inherited everything they had me irl: so yea I don't mind if it's an erp or not but I'm just saying I have more experience in a more romance type of rp

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