Mindless and Heavy
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noab poetry, kindness & mass destruction
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Shame on us for cowardice Like due drops on a leaf

Mindless and Heavy

Shame on us for cowardice

Like due drops on a leaf

Holding on for dear life

Canines bite at our placement

A memory in a dream

A lucid sort of afterlife

My alter ego in cahoots with yours

Already plotting their next cosmic revelation

I am yours in shadows

In the hisses of midnights

In the kisses of loneliness

And we are bound by a string that

Neither pulls nor binds together

With lips lining up to address

The silence in our actions

The moon in our stories

The oneness and nothingness

You did birth a thing of the darkness

One night in the grass

A child in a tree house

Learning to observe something never to be uttered again

And while the world is missing an exceptional story

We are cluttered by earthly matters

Our rose losing its petals

Losing its scent and aging

Undocumented and uncertain

Losing a beauty virgin to admiration

In a haze and hurry,

Blocked and removed

Whether really or not

Not knowing when it started

Or if it died

If it ever really did happen

The human mind has failed me

And in its useless conversations

I find I have lost over and again

I will lose to you

Because I see infinities in the finite

Because I have spoken these words

In languages of the mind, soul and tongue

A million times


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