It's called daily roles
It's called daily roles  poem stories

nnnwithapen Nnn with a pen?
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That's my daily roles?
How many roles do you have to fit in?

It's called daily roles

Life is full of pain Negativity takes place in my brain No thanks, I don't want your cocaine My feelings; I start to ignore They say watch ya mouth, I slam the door Why you looking at me like that, wanna start a war?

You can call me stone That's one role At home, ok I gotta fix my tone There I can get off my throne Tryna be the one they've always known But that's just another role Challenges I gotta face them alone I have to do it by my own My work I have to get it done

That's my roles Everyyoum

Even if I prepare hard, am still afraid Am I happy with the decision I've made? Young and immature, worried about my future If it's serious, just add bit of humor

Topics, you gotta keep changing You hurt; you should start smoking All these kids about you they joking Folks you don't even know, start judging

You loud You got a bad behavior You failed class You are a failure

You thought that you didn't care, but it makes you stress You don't want to, but have to say yes Even though, you feel like a mess

You say that you want to find yourself But what about you Speak yourself

You can listen to this poem on youtube by searching; daily roles Nnn <3

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