Love Letter to my Daughter
Love Letter to my Daughter  hempies stories
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Another Love Letter

Love Letter to my Daughter

Dear Marlo

Thank you for being so patient with me when I work as much as I do. Thank you for letting me sleep in, and lounge around when time permits.

Thank you for helping me out so much in the kitchen, even if it is only melting chocolate in the microwave for your hempies.

You are growing up fast, possibly due to my work schedule, but it excites you, and you are excelling so it is not to be looked at in a negative manner.

You are sitting beside me on the couch right now, trying to persuade me to buy you new houses, clothes, etc., for a game you just purchased electronically.

You asked what i was doing, and I replied I was typing you a love letter that you probably won't find until you are 20 years old or even older. You gave me a chocolate covered smile in reply.

I'll remind you the chocolate chips on the hempies, are dairy free, and I believe primarily cacao... In case you were curious.

I am beyond proud of you everyday. You mentioned you did not want to be an athlete, but you want to be an adventurer. We are manifesting dreams together all of the time, even if they feel minor.

You are my motivation, the hierophant, six of pentacles, and the emperor tied into one as I pay off my financial debts to bring that adventure lifestyle to you.

For now, during lockdown, you will tell me about the ski hill I just 'purchased' for you on your iPad.

I work again tonight, you never give me grief. You make it known you miss me, in your subtle way by suggesting someone else take a shift so I don't have to.

Your interests are growing in solar energy, cooking, and eating healthy. You told me the other day we need a composter! I agree, smart cookie.

I will hide this letter behind a painting that, to me, is a depiction of us in bed, talking and cuddling before we go to sleep. Where we would be more often, if I did not work so many nights.

Just a gentle reminder of how close we are.

I love you Mars, now and lifetimes to come!


Momma <3

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