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Here is Mr.New Neighbor
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Mr. New Neighbor Ep.1

Mr. New Neighbor Ep.1 Story credits: @nishma Story idea: @nishma's brain Game credit: Living in Harmony course 7 ENJOY!!

In the country 'Arlo' a very small valley so deep in the country that barely any people knew it existed. In Silver trout way lived a girl named Annika Martínez. Her mother was Atefhe (a-tu-fhe) Martínez and her father was Kadon Martínez.

In Nepal a family of Emerson Pradhan. His dad Samuel Pradhan. His mom Rita Pradhan, and his little brother Robert Pradhan.

The Pradhan family were planning to move into Silver trout way leaving Ghandruk, which was their hometown tho they lived in Kathmandu. This was because, Samuel had recently gotten a a huge job opportunity and Rita was planning on completing her dream since her children didn't want to.

When they arrived at Silver trout way, in their new neighborhood. They were greeted by many people. Like, Mr. and Mrs. Agapov, little Elliot form the Subedi family and many others.

Annika and Kadon were just getting out to get candy for Annika. Then suddenly she said "Daddy look new people!!" and Kadon replied with "Oh yes dear the new family. Do you want to meet them?" They went up to the Pradhan family. "Hello Mr. New Neighbor!" Annika said excitedly and greeted Samuel with a hug

"A very sweet daughter Mr...?" asked Samuel looking at Kadon, "Kadon Martínez sir. And you?" replied Kadon. "Oh me, Samuel Pradhan. Oh and meet my wife Rita Pradha..." Rita waved. "This is my older son Emorson and my other son Robert.!" said Samuel feeling proud of having his family with him. Then Annika who was still hugging Samuel left him and went to hug the rest of them.

"This is my daughter Annika, my wife Atefhe is at home." Kadon said with a welcoming smile. Suddenly a little childish voice came from behind Samuel. "Mamma is this our new home?" asked Emerson. "Yes sweetie" replied Rita.

And little Robert in his mom's arms smiled. "Daddy can they come over to play today?" asked Annika to Kadon. "Oh darling it depends on them but sure we can invite them, they will come maybe not today tho they are tired okay?" said Kadon in one breath. "Okay" replied Annika in a comparatively less excited voice.

Then they said bye to each other and Annika gave them a hug as a 'bye bye' sign. After Annika was done hugging them she and Kadon went to get her candies. At the shop she asked her daddy to buy more of her favorite chocolate specially for the Pradhan family.

When they went home. Annika jumped in excitement and told Atefhe all that had happened and specifically highlighted the part when she hugged them. After a while they all had dinner and Atefeh kissed Annika goodnight. "Night mamma I love you" said Annika in a sleepy tone. "Love you too sweetie" said Atefeh and went to bed

The next morning Annika woke up super early and went to wake Atefhe and kadon. "MAMMA PAPA!!!! WAKE UP!!!" and she paused for a bit looking at them getting annoyed. "Or I'll be late for school" she said in and innocent voice. "Welp, that's exactly what you expect from a 5 year old when they meet new people" Atefhe whispered under her breath.

"Honey your school is at 9am and it's 5 in the morning go back to bed" said Kadon. Annika who was way too excited and curious about the Pradhans's school was not going to go back that easily. "No dad your time is broken" she said. Atefhe let out a small laugh.

Then Atefhe picked her up and went downstairs to make her choose the dress she'd wear to school that day. They were randomly looking at cute dresses when Annika suddenly decided what she wanted to wear...

"I WANT THIS ONE and add the white tights too!!!" she shouted pointing at a pink dress with little candy decorations on it. "Oh Annika don't shout like that" Atefhe said. "Okay" said Atefhe looking at Annika's choice and pulled the dress out. "And mamma put my hair up in 2 buns okay?" said Annika in a commanding way. "Okay dear" replied Atefeh in a soft tone.

After getting her ready, Annika ate breakfast and grabbed the candy and went off to the Pradhans's house. She knocked on the door softly. Mr.Pradhan opened the door. "Oh hello dear." he said with a welcoming smile. "Mr.Neighbor I brought chocolate for you and your family!!" she said excitedly. "Oh come in first" Samuel replied.

She went in and gave them the chocolates. It was still 7 in the morning so, they decided to play a game. "Mamma can we play the game you taught me?" asked Emerson. "ok sure" said Rita. " So the game is called Yumihishiwi!" Emerson said excitedly. "What?" asked Annika because of the complicated name.

"Yu-mi-hi-shi-wi!" Emerson paused for a bit after that. "Well so basically to play this game we sit in a circle then for example I point at you" he said pointing at Annika. "Then you have to say something about yourself and you have to point someone else and on and on until everyone has been pointed out" he continued.

"After that we point at each other and the person who is pointed has to say 1 thing about the person that pointed them. The on who manages to remember every point gets the title YUMIHISHIWI!" he said. Then they started playing and played until 8. The winner was Samuel and from that time Annika started calling him "Mr.Yumihishiwi".

Quick note: I'll be posting an episode of Mr.New Neighbor every Saturday, And I'll be posting other writings on other times of the week so 2 posts a week now. :)

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