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nishavarinka lost in thoughts but found in words
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A letter to my unrequited love.

Dear Alex

Dear Alex,

He caused me harm.

Did you notice the pain he caused me to see through my eyes that was like the mirror so opaque?

You might have!

I believe!

because you looked into my eyes so deep and swam through the highs and lows of my bipolarity, you chose to stay lost in the moment so brief,

that I too could elude from the loss of love to finally finding you, and it all happened in four minutes.

You got drenched in the emotion of understanding a poet so well and that's where I had enough space to appreciate you- more than I ever wanted.

Dear Alex,

I know that you may not understand my sorrow better than a woman but I also know that you would put an effort to help me unmeet the unwanted souls at-least in my mind and make me believe

that some people do not leave footprints in our life.

I remember you once said that my life has been like an open book, but, did you also know that if I, really were a book,

my life would have been tattered and shredded into millions of pieces by now.

Your eyes give me a nod of yes.

And today, I just want to embrace you and lock you in the closet that is hidden at the corner of my mind, because, Alex, like those people who came and left, I don't want you to go.

I want you to stay so that you and I can see the clouds changing its formations and watch the sunset every August evening.

Dear Alex, please do not blink your eyes, and let me get lost there, forever.

Dear Alex, do not close your eyes.

Let me live there, forever.





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