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These past few days I've been quite mad, and it's all about my presentation.


These past few days I've been quite mad,

And it's all about my presentation,

I didn't do too bad,

That's not an exaggeration.

I don't know why I'm so hard on myself,

I missed one or two spots,

I'll keep the graded 96% up on the shelf,

Those lost 4% feel like gunshots.

All I should've done better was analyze,

Then I wouldn't lose those points,

Memories of that presentation seem to antagonize,

Along with the missing checkpoints.

The only one at fault here is me,

I shouldn't have held it off that late,

I owe myself an apology,

All this is starting to agravate.

Why did I choose A Clockwork Orange to present?

I knew it was going to be hard to talk about all the content,

Especially in front of 13 year olds wasn't that pleasant,

Neither is that 96 percent.

I won't be leaving with pride,

But it feels good that I was one of the best up there,

So I'll walk away with stride,

Since next time I'm aware.

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