I am a Chameleon
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nirvxna blossoming trees and sunflower seeds
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I am a Chameleon. I change my colors just as my emotions.

I am a Chameleon

I am a Chameleon,

I change my colors just as my emotions,

I don't use it to be machiavellian,

and I don't use my camoflauge as potions.

I use it to show how I really feel,

But that's not always true,

I try to be real,

But I show green when I'm actually blue.

I don't know why I do this,

I guess my camoflauge is broken,

It makes me fall into a colorful abyss,

It speaks the words that are not being spoken.

Even though my camoflauge colors aren't a success,

They are still beautiful,

I love my crazy colors, nevertheless,

Their beauty is indisputable.

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