Hansel and who now?
Hansel and who now? fairytale parody stories
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ninjanuggetgirl hey-o, hope you like my stories
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this story is for a contest :)

Hansel and who now?

by ninja nugget girl

The was once a family

Consisting of a father, a step mother, a daughter, and a son.

The two children were named Hansel, (as for the boy) and Gretel. (as for the girl)

Their parents, were very poor. For they had no choice but to leave their children in the depths of the forest.

And so there they were, two children in the middle of the forest, lonely and hungry.

they decided to travel about the forest, to see if they could find there way home.

But what they came about was nothing of home.

They had come across a house made of pure sugar.

Hansel, thought of this house as too good to be true.

Gretel, was however scared out of her wits.

As Gretel grabbed the hand of Hansel, a little, however very old women, emerged from the house.

"Why hello young children!" Sang the women. "My name is Mary! Why, you two look starving! Come in! Come in!"

"Of course!" Said the young boy Hansel. But Gretel, too scared to approach the old lady, ran back into the forest out of fear.

"What a shame, the young girl couldn't stay. Come in young fellow!" Said Mary in a sing-song voice.

Hansel and the old lady enjoyed a nice cup of tea and gingerbread sticks. They had become so fond of each other, they lived happily together and no harm came to them.

As for the young girl, Gretel, she stopped and rested under a tree and took a short nap. But unfortunately, she was attacked by beasts and died a miserable death.

As for the father and the stepmother, they had no money to pay for food, so they too, had died a miserable death.

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