Nightlife Hack: Never wait in Line at a Club Again!

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How NiLi came to be and why I developed it! (

Nightlife Hack: Never wait in Line at a Club Again!

by NiLiapp

You Can't Sit with Us!

Los Angeles introduced me to my Love for Nightlife, as well as the difficulty of getting past the bouncer.

Rejection Hurts :(

I finally had enough after getting turned away by the bouncer one fateful evening,, while those with connections walked right in the door. So I decided I would fix that!

Version 1.0

With little research on the nightlife industry, I built the first iteration of NiLi. A platform for venues to promote their events & services, and an App for Nightlife Goers to digest that info

Not What they Wanted

While it seemed useful, the venues didn't have the time to input and manage all that info as they were swamped with their daily routine of running the venue.

Implement, Research, Iterate... Repeat

We learned what Nightclubs really needed was a product that booked the reservations for them, and then directed the customer to the Event - We saw an opportunity!

The Reservation Hotline

NiLi now lets Nightlife Goers book their reservations directly from the app, which are automatically synchronized with the venues POS System.

Your Nightlife FastPass

NiLi Users have exclusive access to FREE & Discounted Guest Lists & Bottle Service Reservations, all of which allow you to skip the long line outside!

We Love Feedback!!! :)

It's always great to hear from a customer about their experience! feel free to send us any feedback, questions, or comments to

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@jeremiah I started developing NiLi about 3 years ago, and finally launched the latest version in November 2015.

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How long have you been working on this company?