Between Two Points: Chapter 6: Everybody wants to rule the world
Between Two Points: Chapter 6: Everybody wants to rule the world kylo x rey stories
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Kylo Ren and His get snarky

Between Two Points: Chapter 6: Everybody wants to rule the world

Armitage Hux was a diligent man. Disciplined to a fault and fastidious in every detail of his person and profession, which at this point in his career, became the same thing.

Kylo Ren was pleased that Hux would not keep him waiting. He was already in his ready room examining the procession of smaller ships departing and arriving in the hangers the window overlooked.

When the door to the room shut Hux pulled himself away from his post. Kylo noticed he had been making notations on a data-pad in his hands.

“It would seem your ready room has the benefit of a singularly strategic vantage point” Hux mused with clipped precision.

“So it does” Kylo stated seating himself at the head of the table.

“Don’t let my little assessment deceive you, there is no point in getting comfortable” Hux instructed while trailing his finger over the surface of the black conference table.

“I’m merely here to escort you to The Supreme Leader” he finished as he inspected his black leather glove for filth.

Kylo was confused. The feeling was foreign and strategically he was in a poor position.

“Were my injuries so dire? I require such an esteemed chaperone? Surely there are better things for you to be doing...

watching? Whatever it is you spend all day doing” Kylo asserted with enough derision that even his helmet couldn’t conceal it with modulation.

“Very droll” Hux remarked as his exacting gaze darted up from his data-pad. “We’ll see what mirth is left after The Supreme Leader has appraised you”.

As they briskly walked to the holographic throne room of The Supreme Leader, Kylo sought the balance in the force he had felt before.

If what he experienced earlier was any indication he and the girl Rey did indeed have a force bond. He needed to capitalize on the resilience and serenity she possessed now more than ever.

Gently reaching into the stream of energy he immediately felt the absence of calm or contentedness. The waves of tranquility had been replaced by an undertow of despair.

He tried to detach himself from the feeling but the riptide of desperation and rejection weighed him down.

Nothing escaping his scrutiny Hux quickly reprimanded Kylo’s sudden unease. “No histrionics Ren, I’ve already had the report from sick-bay.

You’re well enough, though I can’t speak to your condition following your audience with The Supreme Leader”.

At that threat Kylo Ren was anchored back within his own persona and reality.

Burying the unsettling emotions he experienced through the force he composed himself before the throne room’s entrance. Ben Solo was dead and now Han Solo had joined him.

Snoke could not refute the results. Surely he would approve that the ends justified the means.

Though he had not yet convinced Rey to accept his tutelage, he was certain the truth would persuade her. Wether or not it would satisfy The Supreme Leader was another matter.

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