Between Two Points: Chapter 4
Between Two Points: Chapter 4 chewbacca stories

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Chapter 4: Wookie spit and Ahch-to

Between Two Points: Chapter 4

The route to Ahch-To wouldn’t be easy, or so Rey was told. The navigation would have to be handled manually.

Even with both pieces of the map there were large swathes of uncharted space between the safest hyperdrive drop point and the lonely planet.

“Kriffing hell!” she shouted as dark matter turbulence nearly shook The Falcon to pieces.

“Woah there” she cooed running her hands over the console amid the chaos as if soothing the freighter like a spooked animal.

A red light flashed as a siren began to blare. The dark matter would be the least of their concerns if the radiation shielding remained inoperative.

At this point Rey abandoned human languages and opted for the crude slang of the sand scavengers she once saved BB-8 from.

Chewbacca bellowed at the overwhelming racket and took the helm as Rey hoisted herself above their seats to divert their acceleration dampener field and use

a spare protein bar wrapper to bridge a gap between the conductors in order to share power amongst buffer and shield arrays.

“Lick this!” she ordered holding the wrapper out to Chewie as another tremor wracked the vessel.

With her other hand she made quick work of the dampeners and halted the dark matter’s assault upon The Falcon.

“Grarrrrggggh” her co-pilot countered.

“Is this really the time? You ate the last bar now put this in your giant Wookie mouth or we crisp up like fried Taun Taun!” Rey yelled waving the foiled trash.

Chewbacca gave a contented bark as he returned the makeshift part positively sopping in spittle.

“Ah, thank you for your enthusiasm” Rey grimaced as she installed the improvised patch.

The red light stopped and the siren faded. Rey sunk down into her chair and wiped her slobber ridden hands in Chewie’s hair as she patted his shoulder.

“There we are! Nothing to it” she said half convincing herself.

“Ragggh kraghhh rarrrr” Chewbacca jeered.

“Yes, there was a moment of panic” she conceded. “And that kind of language is perfectly acceptable where i come from...

and particularly under the circumstances” Rey insisted with a smirk.

Sometime later the duo was roused by the navigation system.

As they began breaking through the atmosphere Rey guarded her eyes from the morning light glaring off the planet’s glassy surface.

‘Could there be so many different worlds in the galaxy?’ she wondered. The entirety of Ahch-To was covered in sapphire waters.

Rey was curious about how so much water got here, how it stayed here, and if it was anything like the stale troughs of water for beasts to drink in Jakku’s market.

As they made their descent she noticed the world was distinguished only by a cluster of small mossy green islands.

The softness of their emerald greenery was contrasted by the jagged slate formations fracturing the scenery.

After managing a difficult landing on the uneven isle Rey raced down the ramp onto the clearing’s pebbled ground.

She listened closely to the crunch of the gravel beneath her boots and the rhythm of the tide against the stoney shores.

Rey drew a deep breath in time with the ebb and flow of the force she felt all around her.

She recognized the earthy scent of moss thriving on almost every available surface from her time with Maz. She slowly realized her breathing had synched with another force, this time unfamiliar.

“That sound” she nearly whispered. “...Is that?” Her eyes fluttered open. “The’s moving.

Does water always sound like this?” she asked Chewbacca without breaking her gaze upon the sea.

Her eyes were wide with awe. However the Wookie’s eyes were sad. It was as if she feared the big blue world would vanish like a mirage if she dared look away.

This disbelief and dismay was the result of a lifetime abandoned on Jakku. For Chewie this heartrending realization was like seeing her react to the green forests of Takodana all over again.

After nearly two decades in the wastelands he imagined she’d find beauty even in the outer rim.

“Grrarghh errrrrkarrrgg” he replied.

“I should like to hear them all, it’s beautiful” she said beaming at her massive companion.

“Rrrawwgg urrrk” Chewie exclaimed. “Well perhaps not the leaky faucet” Rey conceded “I don’t think that particular melody inspires much awe!”.

A brief lyrical laugh escaped her in a moment of manic amusement.

Chewbacca wanted nothing more than to capture the moment and keep his jailbird friend of Jakku this whimsically content the rest of her days.

But moments don’t last forever and the force has plans of its own.

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