Between Two Points: Chapter 3
Between Two Points: Chapter 3 ben solo stories

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Chapter 3: We'll meet again
Rey and the resistance

Between Two Points: Chapter 3

They are safe; safer. For now she thinks.

Rey stares into the dark vacuum of space, so much of the system’s brightness gone as the nearest star was drained powering, and ultimately destroying, Star-Killer base.

She swallows hard knowing how much more was laid to waste on that planet. Of how she felt drained of hope and replenished with fear, confusion, and pain in that forest.

Kylo Ren she thought fiercely, and for a moment she wondered if the ship had lost it's simulated gravity. From deep within her core something pulled and siphoned off what she felt.

Like a new sinkhole emptying sand into an underground cavern. In place of her feelings was a foreign sensation. She felt herself drifting.

It was akin to the feeling she had surfing down dunes after scavenging; A weightless, gliding, wandering feeling. But the detached sense of aimlessness was rooted within her mind.

Rey kept her breathing even. The experience was not unpleasant. In fact the impressions of surrender and contentedness were welcome distractions from her pain and confusion.

"It is you"

As though a switch had flipped she felt her stomach bottom out as she was brought back firmly into her seat and sense of self. Distressed and disturbed Rey looked behind her. Kylo Ren.

It was his voice. He had whispered right behind her ear, no, closer! She had felt him there speaking to her mind; her soul.

Rey wanted to forget the alarming episode. Perhaps it was the stress or the shock. Yet her thoughts returned to Kylo Ren. Ben she concluded. Ben Solo... Han.

The only glimmer of promise she had ever seen for the future had been extinguished; stolen.

On Jakku she had nothing and no one. In little more than a day so much had been thrust into her life. Meaning, purpose, friendship. She cursed her naivety.

How foolish she was to imagine things were different out here, that those things were hers, and more-so for thinking they couldn’t be snatched away. A scavenger should know better.

Rey focused on the instruments in front of her. Chewbacca sat staring intensely at his massive furry fists resting on the console after laying Finn down and securing him to a bunk.

She knew the Wookie was a gentle giant. Sensitive in many ways and suffering deeply for the loss of his long time companion.

Every now and again she remembered she wasn’t alone in The Falcon when Chewie keened softly.

The past had always been painful, the present was hardly an improvement, and so looking over her shoulder at Finn she decided that forward was the only path towards relief, and with any luck,


Her time with the resistance was brief and in truth very nearly unbearable. So many people, so much feeling.

Her entire life had been spent in utter isolation and her new abilities only made her feel more exposed and sensitive.

There was an onslaught of sentiments and impressions to wade through when they arrived. Stepping off the ramp of The Falcon felt like sinking into quicksand.

Friendship, concern, fear, pain, anger all around her and she had no right to any of it.

If Leia hadn’t gripped her so tightly in her grief for Han, Rey surely would have been buried in the devastating enormity of it all.

Overwhelmed and adrift again the older woman held her together, body and soul, for a long while.

The only friend Rey felt she could lay claim to remained unconscious.

So after rest, provisions, and direction from the resistance on where to find Luke Skywalker, Rey bid farewell to Finn.

She reminded herself that she needed to move on, move forward, and fight on; If not for herself then for the friend she now left behind broken and between the forces of life and death.

‘This is not the end’ she thought with determination. With all the feeling, and what she could only assume was love, that she could muster Rey gently kissed the top of Finn’s head.

“We’ll see each other again. I believe that. Thank you, my friend” she offered quietly before leaving his side and heading for The Falcon.

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